Tuesday Morning

Yesterday was supposed to be a nice quiet day.  However it turned out to be a bit of a messy day with James feeling pretty under the weather from lack of sleep and I too was not at full strenght.  However he ended up in the medway hospital where he was taken by ambulance when he fainted while out shopping.  So Denzil and I had to go and fetch him from casualty where we sat for about two hours with no one showing any interest and with James now feeling better we decided to beat a hasty retreat. The only problem was that the ambulance crew had moved his car and we spent a good long time driving around to try and find it.  In the end we drove to the ambulance station to try and find out where the car was only to find it parked just outside.  The ambulance station is only about half a mile from home so Denzil drove the car home.  Once we were all back in the fold it was a case of having a lunch as quickly as possible so we had a kebab from the takeaway and for supper we had a curry also take away which kept me out of the kitchen for a day.  James slept for most of the afternoon and also a good proportion of the night so he has a least caught up on some much needed sleep.

Steve was going to paint the wall yesterday evening but he was shattered from a days work and asked if he could put it off until today which suited us fine as we all fancied an early night.

Today being the first of the month I have a nice long list of jobs to do.  Fortunately none of them is difficult or onerous.  After all reading the meters and putting powder in the dogs ears is not exactly taxing.  The pond pump is on the list but I think it may well get left for another day and maybe the boys would like to sharpen the kitchen knives.

Now for friends in Italy here is the recipe for the chocolate and orange panna cotta.  

500 ml double cream
50g sugar
100g 70% chocolate
2 sheets of gelatine
the rind of two oranges finely grated 
30 ml orange juice

Bring the cream and sugar to a simmer then add the chocolate off the heat and also the grated rind and orange juice.  Once it has all melted together add the gelatine and then pass through a sieve to remove the orange zest.  Pour into the containers of your choice and refrigerate.   It really is a very simple recipe and if it is calories you need this is the dish for you.  It is very nice served with some orange segments to accompany it.  For me this quantity makes 5 nice ramekins full which is an adequate portion for such a rich dessert.

Today with any luck will see the macaroni cheese for lunch.  Anyway have a good day all and lets hope we get to see some sunshine!!!!

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