Thursday morning

Oh dear, another early start so much for sleeping in a bit later.  I have been awake since just after 3.30 which is a bit ridiculous.  Yesterday went well we took my huge blanket to the laundry and they have texted me to say it is now ready for collection so that is on my list for this morning.  It is the last item of camping gear then it is all finished and packed ready for the next trip.  While we were out we took the dogs for a nice run in the woods and I bought Tubby a huge cowhide chew which I thought he would enjoy chewing over a few days or even weeks but with his bite strength he devoured it in one afternoon.  

I went ahead with the experiment with the salt crust baked parsnips which had good results.  Some of the parsnips I baked and some I boiled so we had a direct comparison.  Those that were baked had much more parsnip flavour but they did pick up some of the salt.  The boiled seemed very bland in comparison.  This is something I would do again and possibly try with other root vegetables I think beetroots would be ideal and I know that celeriac does brilliantly.  The method is simple 200g flour 200g salt 3 egg whites and sufficient water to make a soft dough.  The parsnips were peeled but left whole then wrapped like a parcel and bake at 160ºC for an hour.  I was then left with the egg yolks so I made a jug of custard.  For lunch I had some pollock fishcakes but I didn't really think that parsnip was a suitable vegetable however I ran up a bit of tartar sauce and surprisingly that made all the difference as the sharpness countered the sweetness of the parsnips and actually they made a good combination. 

Denzil arrived home shortly after lunch so supper was for the four of us and the bolognese sauce and 500g of tagliatelle made a decent supper.  Mark had been to Italy over the winter and brought me a kilo of parmesan cheese so I am very well stocked now.  I divide it into useable lumps and vac pack it then keep it in the garage fridge.  

In preparation for my tomato plants I ran the sprinkler inside the greenhouse for an hour yesterday and will do the same again today which should see the soil nice and moist and ready for the plants.  I had been giving some thought as to what to put in my window box outside the kitchen and I think this year I will fill them with an assortment of herbs rather than flowers.  I thought the soft herbs like parsley, chives, basil and dill would make a good combination. Anyway, it will make a change from pelargoniums, pansies and begonias.   

I'm not sure what the weather has to hold for us today but if it is fine we thought we might have a bit of fun and go and shoot some skeet at Dartford shooting club where they do a very respectable bacon butty for lunch.  The sun is just beginning to peak over the horizon but the sky looks ominously cloudy.  Shooting in the rain is no real fun so if it looks bad we will give that a miss.  I wish the photo was mine but it has been lifted from google images but you get the general idea.

I will try to get out with the camera and take a few photos of the garden which is not looking at all bad at the moment if you can ignore the weeds!!!!!
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