Thursday Morning

Well today is the day and I hope I have everything organised.  It is just a case of packing the stuff in the car.  I could have packed it last night but I didn't want to come down and find that the car had been robbed.  So this morning it will all be piled in but I have the boys to help me load up.  Shiona will arrive at some moment with her  dogs and stuff so once we are all set we can go.  Hopefully we should all be set up by about three in the afternoon and then we intend to have a fish and chip supper and early night. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me as I am a little apprehensive that all goes according to plan.

If I can I will blog on my phone but the area is notorious for bad signals so you may have to wait for the omnibus edition.

I will be back on the 17th hopefully well rested and revitalised.
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