Thursday Morning

Yesterday was the first day when not only did we have sunshine but also no wind so it was actually warm enough to sit outside in the garden for a cup of tea.  We started the morning off with a trip to Faversham for some coffee and while there Denzil treated me to one of their lovely breakfasts which of course meant neither of us felt much like lunch.  I filled the car with diesel on the way home and as it was Tesco's garage I got some money off my purchase.  The roast chicken got postponed until dinner time as none of us felt much like it at lunch.  As usual the bird was cooked in the halogen oven and as it was a large one I gave it 45mins breast down and 45 minutes breast up which was perfect. Between the four of us we made short work of it and all that is left is the carcass which is in the slow cooker bubbling away merrily.  Some how I had managed to accrue a load of courgettes so they were quickly grated and made into pancakes which I know freeze well so those that are not eaten today can be packed up and frozen for some other time.  It was the first time Denzil had witnessed the halogen oven in all its glory and he was duly impressed by the efficient way it cooks food.  

I never did get to go and shop for underwear but I might shoot out early this morning before our visitors arrive.  The laundry was done late in the afternoon so it has been hung out over night and hopefully it will be dry not long after the sun comes up.  Then I can get it ironed and put away and I can set to and pack my bag for the trip.  This time of year it is difficult to know what to pack as it can turn from freezing to very warm in the blink of an eye.  Still they do have shops in Suffolk so if I need a cardigan or jumper I can always get one.  I always carry wet weather gear in the car so that is taken care of.  

Mike seems more relaxed now that he has a couple of dates to hang on to and is not looking at an endless stay in bed.  Once he has had his hernia repaired we can start to mobilise him again and provided we don't have any further chest infections things should start to look up.  James finally has an appointment with the chronic pain clinic so hopefully they can do something to help him with the constant pain.  

Well that is the plan for the day I have strained off the stock and will pick over the carcass so the dogs can have a chicken and vegetable breakfast.  The stock I think will go to making some leek and potato soup which is a good standby dish for the freezer.  

Have a good day all and enjoy this lovely weather if you can.......
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