Thursday morning

Yesterday went according to plan we set off for the hospital an hour early even though it is a five minute drive.  The morning rush hour at the hospital sees the road surrounding it backed up for miles so it is necessary to get there early rather than sit in traffic for an hour and arrive late. The clinic was running half an hour late anyway so it was a bit of a drag.  We saw the registrar who agreed that this was an urgent case and would be put on the list.  I then queried just how long that wait might be and was told probably the end of June to July.  This seems a very long way off so I mentioned that perhaps we should think about using our Benenden cover to get it done more quickly.  Suddenly I was ushered in to see the consultant.  Having discussed his condition we agree that nothing could be done until he had been assessed by the anaesthetists who will be most unhappy with his chest.  So we are back to floating around in the wilderness.  Once Mike was settled back at home and resting I set off to my appointment with the lady from age UK who would help me fill in a form for attendance allowance which they all agreed we should have been claiming for the past few years.  The form is very long and involved and I would never have thought of half the things she advised putting on the form.  Anyway it is all done now so I will post it off today and see what happens.  I have never claimed any benefits so I have absolutely no idea how the system works.  

The boys cooked fish cakes for lunch which they had while I was out and when I got back I put together a turkey curry from a bag of turkey meat and a bag of curry sauce both of which were lurking in the freezer.  Sandy had given me half a fruit cake which was still warm out of the oven and didn't last more than 10 minutes when I got home.  

Today Shiona is coming over and we need to do some serious shopping as my stocks and supplies have sadly diminished over the last week.  I think a trip to the butcher and the fishmonger are in order so that we have a few bits to choose from.  In my vegetable box there was a small pumpkin which I intend to make into roast pumpkin soup and I have a couple of leeks which will make a nice leek and mushroom risotto for lunch today.  

Anyway having had only a couple of hours of sleep last night I am going to go back to bed and see if I can grab another couple of hours as I feel pretty shattered.  Have a good day all and lets hope today is another nice warm spring day......
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