Sunday morning

Tulips are blooming now and these are a really odd colour they don't know if they are orange or pink.  I have no memory of ever having planted them or what they are called but they do look rather nice in a group.

Yesterday was a bad day for me I was very tired and listless and really didn't want to do anything at all which is unlike me.  Lunch was made mostly in the thermomix where I made a big dollop of polenta with loads of butter and cheese.  With it we had some huge butterflied prawns and a handful of scallops all of which were just seared on the griddle and the courgettes were made into a ribbon salad.  A pot of salsa verde made up the remainder of the meal and added a bit of umph to the what could have been very bland. The remaining polenta was allowed to set and then sliced and fried with some bacon for supper so a very easy and simple couple of meals with little work involved.  The slicing of the polenta proved difficult with a knife so I resorted to the old fashioned way and cut it with string rather like cheese cut with a wire except you cut from the bottom up which gives really nice slices rather than ragged strips.

Today I fancy a plain roast chicken for lunch but as yet I don't have one so it will mean a trip to Dobbies this morning to purchase one.  In the mean time I will prepare the accompanying vegetables so everything is ready to roll.  A small chicken cooks really quickly in the halogen oven. I give it 30 minutes breast down and 30 minutes breast up at 200ºC then 20 minutes resting and it is perfect and juicy.  

I spent some time playing with the Chromecast and can now put all my photos up on the TV which is much better way to see them.  It also allows me to put the BBC iplayer straight from my iPad or iPhone to the TV - very nice.  

As I am typing I am watching the pigeons destroy the new growth on my Robinia pseudo acachia which is just coming into leaf and I am very tempted to get my air rifle out and give them a bit of a shock.  I can understand why the farmers are keen to have the pigeons shot as they can destroy a crop in no time at all.  Fortunately I don't have any young crops in the ground but I have lost entire crops of greens in the past to the dratted pigeons and now have to net absolutely everything if I want to have any to eat.  It also means that the little birds don't get a look in.  I used to feed the birds but soon discovered that I was attracting the neighbourhood cats who just sat in wait for the incoming birds. The bird table just became a cats smorgasbord.  

The weather forecast for today is for more rain but at the moment it is lovely and sunny but there are black clouds looming in the distance so I don't think it will be long before we are soaked.   What have you got on your menu for today?  

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