Saturday Morning

Laundry, laundry, laundry, my machine was running all day yesterday with load after load of washing both from the caravan and from the house and I am still not there yet.  According to the weather forecast we are due for some rain today though at the moment it doesn't look bad at all with blue skies and little puffy white clouds.  Perhaps it will hold off until my line is full of washing!!!! Anyway I have at least broken the back of it.  The stuff which is from the van goes back into a collapsible plastic crate ready to be taken back on the next trip that way I don't get it all muddled up with the general household washing.  I always leave the van with clean linen as the last thing you want to do when you are newly arrived is to set to and make up the bed.  You can imagine with 4 adults in the house there is plenty of general washing anyway.

We decided to shoot out to Tesco and stock up on a few bits and bobs but you should have seen it. The place was heaving with folks with trollies full to the brim with masses of stuff I was wondering if I had missed some news that war had been declared or something.  The shop is only shut for one day but people were stocking up as for a siege.  Anyway we bought the ingredients for a quick lunch of tortilla with salsa and sour cream which with all hands on deck was prepared in minutes and eaten in seconds.  Supper was a treat the boys treated me to a curry which they organised so there was nothing for me to do except eat it.  Today, we are going to have a shoulder of lamb which has defrosted overnight and I have loads of spuds I am not quite sure what to do with.  I have boiled a load of them and intend to make mash and then freeze it for later use.  Alternatively I could cube the spuds so they are ready to make saute potatoes or potato salad either way they will not go to waste.  I wonder if you can freeze them sliced so you can make a dauphinoise in double quick time.  The other thing that crossed my mind was to make a batch of potato scones or grate them and make rosti oh the possibilities are endless.  

Anyway time I got underway and made up my mind what to do.  Perhaps I will try the spuds in all the various ways and see how successful each method is.  Watch this space for the results!!!!  The clouds are now thickening and darkening so I guess the rain is on its way but the garden really could use a drink so I am not fussed and the laundry can wait for better weather or I might go mad and use the tumble dryer just to get it out of the way.

I hope the rain doesn't spoil your plans or maybe you may be lucky and miss it.  Anyway have a great day all........
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