Saturday Morning

Well yesterday saw a miracle I had a brake light out on the drivers side so I took the car to Kwik Fit to have it replaced and the tyre pressures checked.  The garage is only about 100 yards from the house so I trotted back for my lunch.  Halfway through eating my lovely dover sole and purple sprouting broccoli the phone rang to say the car was ready so I quickly finished my meal and off I went to collect it. Now I hope you are sitting down - total cost including VAT £5.99.  I was dumbfounded my usual bill from the main dealer is seldom under £500 no matter what you have done!!!  I will certainly be using them again if I have minor bits and pieces that need doing.

On my shopping expedition in the morning I bought a large bag of onions as I intended to make some french onion soup with a nice top of gruyere cheese and a crusty crouton.  This we had for supper with some of the faggots from the butcher.  I also made a few panna cottas, this time plain with no chocolate and they have set perfectly with just two sheets of gelatine.  They have a distinct wobble and are only just set which is how they are supposed to be.  The chocolate ones I think need no gelatine as the chocolate is enough to set them anyway.  The plain ones have just a grating of lemon zest and some vanilla for flavour.  Later in the season they will be an ideal accompaniment to either strawberries or raspberries fresh from the garden.  Roll on summer!!!! Incidentally I make my own vanilla with leftover pods which I chop up and add to some vodka and it seems to have a much better flavour than the commercially prepared stuff.

While I had a rest the boys took the dogs for a run and Basso behave really badly for them.  He seems to think that he is in charge if I am not there and can do exactly what he likes.  This disobedience needs dealing with but I am not sure how to go about it.  It is difficult to correct bad behaviour if you are not there.  He does seem to be a one man dog unless he is working in which case he is very good at taking direction from others.

Today being Saturday it is my day to soak my orchids and much of the morning will be devoted to getting Mike through the shower and getting his bed changed.  I think we will have some pork chops for lunch and supper will be something simple like some pumpkin soup that I made yesterday.  

Denzil seems to have settled into our rather boring routine and is beginning to relax a little which is nice for all of us.  Mike enjoys having an extra person to speak to so he is better entertained.  It is pretty boring as a holiday but it is a complete change from what he is used to so hopefully he can recharge his batteries before the next school year.

Well that is the plan for today nothing very exciting just the usual stuff - I have given some thought to replacing the chickens which I think I will leave until my return from Suffolk.  I need to have a chat with Sandy and see if they would like a week in the van sometime.  If we can it would be nice to arrange a week with James and Tubby as well but I will have to find a babysitter for Mike.  It may be that we have to leave it until September when all the surgery should be finished and things might be a bit easier.

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