Saturday morning and another week gone

The first of the roses to emerge in the spring is canary bird which is small and single but very pretty none the less. I suppose it is like a yellow wild dog rose in style with arching branches.  

Yesterday was a miserable and wet day I had a few errands to run in the morning but I had prepared lunch early on.  The pork fillet was rolled in parma ham slices and then put on a sheet of parchment and made ready for the oven.  The purple sprouting broccoli was dressed with the anchovy sauce while it was still warm and then left to sit at room temperature.  The recipe for the sauce is easily found at:-

It sounds really off the wall but it is very tasty and would be fab on cauliflower which can be a bit bland to say the least.  

Supper was courtesy of Aldi I had bought a frozen salmon en croute which just needed about an hour in the oven cooked straight from frozen.  With it I did a big mixed salad to which I added some fried breadcrumbs.  The breadcrumbs were an after thought but had been sitting about for a couple of days and needed using up.  I had used them to top my gratinated leeks but had got rather too many from the freezer.  In the end the salad was a cross between a normal salad and a caesar salad which has croutons.  The added crunch was a nice innovation and something I will do again.

Today I have taken out some very large butterfly prawns and some scallops which I will serve with a plain risotto and some courgette ribbons.  Not much cooking to do mostly assembly but it will give me time to get out with the dogs.  According to the forecast it is due to rain most of the day but we will look for a window of opportunity.  Actually I don't mind walking in the rain after all it is easy enough to get dry when you get home.  The dogs certainly don't mind any kind of weather and are always keen for an outing.  Tubby is especially in need of walking as he is now of an age where he has boundless energy and curiosity so keeping his mind and body stimulated takes a bit of time but will pay dividends later on.  He is very keen to play with his ball and will spend hours retrieving it and bringing it to you to throw again and again.

Well that about it for this morning I may even try to go back to bed and see if I can get a bit more sleep but first I must put my orchids in for their weekly soak.
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