Monday morning

In the pot is a hosta which usually ends up looking like a net curtain but this year I have lifted it up on to the table and given it a good dose of slug killer.  Slug pellets are something I don't usually use because of the dogs but with it raised up I hope they are safe.  Now all we need to see is if it works!!!!!

I did a bit of hard thinking over the weekend and have decided that I will not replace my hens probably until next spring.  I have to get Mike sorted out and need as little extra work as possible so the garden is taking a back seat and will remain largely unplanted and the hens can wait until things are a bit more settled.  It certainly will do the ground no harm to sit fallow for a year and recuperate also.  

We took the dogs for a nice walk in the woods yesterday morning and then on to Dobbies for a chicken and back just in time to get it in the halogen oven.  While we were in the shop we had a look at some antler chews which will be tough enough for Tubby but at £11 for a small piece we thought that was too expensive for a dog chew.  The person who had put me on to antler was my Japanese friend so I popped along to see her and ask where she got hers from.  Sadly the shop that sold them cheaply no longer stocks them but she had some pieces she had confiscated from her dogs for fear they might swallow them.  Well Tubby thought he had died and gone to heaven and this morning I woke to find him on the end of my bed with his antler.  He has chewed until he must have a headache but has made not a mark on the antler despite his hours of diligent work.  

The chicken cooked beautifully as only those of you who have halogen ovens will understand and the leftovers will do for lunch today.  The carcass went into the pot and simmered at 80ÂșC for an hour and half which is one of the joys of the induction hob you can set the temperature and also a timer but if you just leave it it will switch itself off after 90 minutes.  This is a real bonus as I can go out or for a sleep safe in the knowledge that the hot plate will switch itself off.   The stock will make a nice risotto but I am bereft of vegetables with the exception of potatoes and carrots.  Very unusually this is an onion free house at the moment so a shopping expedition is on the cards.  My vegetable box doesn't arrive until tomorrow and from a peak at the contents there are no onions in it so I will have to get some.  I don't know about you but I cannot live without onions!!!!! 

I also have to go to the post office and post Basso's lifetime achievement cup back to the Spinone club in case there is another winner this year. It seems only yesterday that the cup arrived and I find it hard to believe another year has whizzed by.  I think I might need a second mortgage for the postage.  Anyway it was a lovely thing to have won, so I am happy to send the cup back for some other deserving dog and proud owner to win.

The plan of campaign for today is to get the shopping done and make some sort of plan for food for the week so I know where I am going.  Both Mike and James have appointments at the hospital on Friday so that is going to be a busy day and we have been invited to go shooting on Sunday weather permitting so that is something to look forward to.

Have a good week all and lets hope the April showers will soon give way to the May flowers.......

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