Monday Morning

Later again this morning I am trying to do something about my early rising and though I was up at 4am I went back to bed and managed a couple of hours more sleep.  So far no sign of a headache so maybe things are getting better.  I must admit that after my week away I do feel more relaxed and less stressed.  Having both adult sons at home meant that I could completely relax about Mike as I knew he was in good hands.  

The shepherds pie I made for lunch was delicious as I had made a well reduced stock from the bones and some how the meat from a roasted lamb joint has a much better flavour.  I decided to chop the meat rather than mince it so everything was basically diced and the top was of sliced ready cooked potatoes with a handsome amount of cheddar cheese to form a good crust.  Not exactly traditional but very good none the less.  

Today the weather looks much better with bright sunshine though we have had a plenty of rain yesterday and overnight which the garden was certainly in need of.  My orchid watering regimen seems to have paid off as all the plants are looking like they are about to burst into flower and the long wait with what looked like a bunch of sticks is drawing to a close.  I must admit that I can't wait for Mark to fit me into his busy schedule as my garden really needs a good blast of his industrial strength weed killer.  The greenhouse needs some rearranging after a winter of the hens who have completely wrecked the interior.  Once the garden is a bit more organised I will replace the hens as I really do miss my endless egg supply.  I might wait until son number one has gone back to Thailand at the beginning of May when I will have a bit more time to fiddle with such things.  

Today we are going to have a very simple lunch of a mushroom risotto and a nice big green salad as I have a couple of lettuces which need using up.  Then there is the small matter of the mountain of ironing which needs to be got rid off as the dining room looks more like a laundry than a dining room. I have a massive fleece bed cover which I use in the van to cover the bed which allows me to use it as a dog bed during the day.  It is in need of a wash but it is too big for my machine so I will take it to the launderette once the holidays are over then hopefully all the van stuff will be ready to put away until our next visit.  I still have two beds to change and sheets to wash but I think I need to make some headway with what has already been washed before I do much more.  

Well that is the plan for today and as I am well behind starting so late I had better make a start so I am not still ironing at midnight.  Have a good day all and lets hope we are in for another spell of nice weather as it really does lift the spirits to see a bit of sunshine.

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