Monday morning

Yesterday was a bit of a damp dull day and towards the evening it became quite blustery.  It has been raining overnight but is currently dry.

For lunch we had a nice salad nicoise made with fresh tuna or at least frozen tuna which I just seared then sliced.  It looked like a huge bowl full but surprisingly we managed to motor through it with no trouble.  I have been catching up on years of lost sleep and spent a good couple of hours sound asleep in the afternoon.  James was in charge of doing the pot sticker dumplings which the boys and I had for supper but Mike decided he fancied some soup so I ran him up a portion of carrot and orange soup in the thermomix which he had with the last of the panna cottas.  I have vowed not to make any more for a while as they are just too easy to make and eat and so high in calories. 

The kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it but we decided to leave it for this morning when we might feel more like tackling it.  The problem was that the dishwasher was full of clean stuff and no one felt like emptying it yet again. Today for lunch I have some lamb chump ends which I intend to do with potatoes and carrots and swede mash.  This will see me cleared out of vegetables before the delivery of my next Riverford box.  With extra mouths to feed the veg is not going as far as it used to so I am having to supplement with extra veg.

I will also have to look at buying eggs as we are almost out of those laid by our own hens - I have decided to reinstate the hens once I am back from my weeks holiday as I do really miss them and their lovely eggs.  I do hope that the weather picks up a bit for our time in Suffolk but it is not the major factor in the holiday.  Today I will need to have good look at what I am taking by way of clothes which is always too much but you do have to cover all eventualities with the weather.  Fortunately the heating system in the van is very efficient and it doesn't take long to warm up.  In the van I have a fleece jacket and a vest and shorts so I can deal with very cold and very hot so all I need is in between clothes.   I have one new item for the van and that is a memory foam mattress topper for the fixed bed which is a bit on the hard side. I also have a new torch which charges from the mains so it will be always ready for use.  I also take the small flashing lights which are meant for bicycles which I attached to the dogs collars so we can see them in the forest at night.  

Well I seem to be writing a list of what to take perhaps it would be better on a piece of paper where I can tick off each item as it is collected.  Fortunately most of the basics are already in the van so we don't end up with the car loaded to the gunwales.  I will be taking the Tassimo machine but the thermomix will stay at home. 

Well enough of this time I got that kitchen sorted out so I have clear decks to start the day.  Have a good day all despite the miserable weather.
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