Friday morning

Well I have had a fruitless couple of hours trying to convert a snippet of video to put on this blog but try as I might everything so far has failed. has the small snippet from yesterdays shooting trip.  When we set off from here the weather was looking a bit grim but as we approached Dartford the sun came out and we had a really nice time.  All three of us shot a round of 25 shots and we had parked the car with the tailgate open just close to where we were shooting.  Basso and Tubby were seated in the gallery watching proceedings it was nice to see that with his gun-dog mate alongside Tubby showed no signs of gun shyness.  Once we had finished we went to the club house and had a bacon and egg sandwich each and a bowl of chips to share.  When I say share I include our four footed friends who are rather partial to chips.

I had left Mike a lunch which was easy for him to eat and we all sat down to a good supper of meatballs and gratinated leeks that I had prepared before dawn.  As supper was all ready this meant that I could have an afternoon kip which was much needed after the early start.

Denzil has bought himself a Chromecast device which allows you to play anything from your phone or iPad straight to your TV.   We spent a little while setting it up but were delighted that it seems to work fine.  This means that I can stream the BBC iPlayer or YouTube straight to the TV from the computer via the broadband router.  You can plug it into any TV with an HDMI socket.  I'm sure it will have many other uses once I have got to grips with the new tech.  The price of this wonderful bit of kit is only £30 which is not a vast amount in the great scheme of things.

Today the weather looks a bit grim and overcast so maybe a good day to do a bit of gardening.  Or perhaps a trip to the garden centre to buy a couple of plants for my window boxes and get them all set up.

I have a nice piece of pork fillet for our main meal and I am going to do purple sprouting broccoli with an anchovy sauce to accompany it. If this proves successful I will put up the recipe.  It is a traditional recipe for cauliflower so I don't see why it shouldn't work with broccoli.  I think I also need to get some bread made but we will see how the day pans out and how much I can get done.  The one problem with bread making is that you do need to be around while it is proving.

The launderette has done a lovely job of my huge throw and it is now all packed up ready to go back to the van and so much easier than struggling to wash it myself.

I feel that I am free wheeling a bit while Denzil is here and Mike is bed ridden but hopefully once he has had his surgery we might manage to mobilise him a bit better and things might get back to a bit of normality.  Anyway I am making the most of having both sons on the premises to help me.

Well thats about it for today lets hope it is a nice one and we all have a good time.


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