Friday Morning

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An improvement don't you think?  The new gas fire is nowhere near as bulky and removing the pine cladding has made the room look bigger.

Yesterday when Shiona arrived we did a trawl of the butcher and the fishmonger I bought some bits and bobs from the butcher including some faggots freshly made which we will have for supper today and in the fishmonger I bought some dover soles caught that night which still had rigor mortis which is about as fresh as they come.  The soles will be for lunch today and as they are quite big I think it will need the oven to cook them.  We had intended to do Aldi as well but instead we did Wilko and bought the bits to rehang the picture over the fire.  Denzil and Shiona took the dogs for a walk after lunch which was a very nice mushroom risotto and I tried to get an hours shut eye but failed.  So in the end it was an early night instead.  I had made a couple of loaves of bread in the morning and we had some toasted with potted shrimps.  The shrimps come ready cleaned so all I do is melt some butter to which I add a bit of lemon zest, black pepper, cayenne pepper and a sprinkle of mace. Spread on hot toast and what a lovely meal you have in minutes.

Today I will need to go shopping again as I am running low on some basics like washing up liquid but that will just mean popping into Aldi on my way to the dog walk.  Sadly all the dog walks require a short drive first but we are blessed with lots of country parks and woods in which to walk them. I know people who live in the country who have almost nowhere to walk but along roads as all the land is under the plough or the fields are filled with sheep.

This time next week I will be setting off for a few days in the caravan with Basso and Shiona and her two dogs but we will be back for the Easter weekend and Mike will be tended to by the two boys.  It would be lovely if we had some nice weather but it is not important except for walking the dogs.  I will leave it to your imagination what three wet and steaming dogs in a small space is like!!!!  I do carry a hair dryer onboard specifically for drying dogs.  

Well that about it for today I have a nice pile of ironing waiting for me so I will get stuck into that while I wait for people to wake up...........

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