Easter Sunday

What has happened to the weather it is really miserable today.  It is not actually raining but it will not be long I think.  Fortunately I have no intention of doing any more washing to do today.  I do however, have masses of ironing to do.  Yesterdays roast lamb has left sufficient for a shepherds pie today and the masses of potatoes I boiled have been largely used some for roast with the lamb shoulder and some saute with eggs for supper the remainder were made into potato scones which are now in the freezer and the last few will top my shepherd pie.  

I am very late writing this blog as I had a pretty rotten night's sleep and got up late when the boys were already in full flow so finding a few quiet minutes to write this has proved a bit difficult.  Fortunately they have taken the dogs out for a walk so the house is at last quiet and though women are supposed to be good at multitasking I find it difficult to compose and type while there is general mayhem going on.  

I think today will be a quiet day with nothing much going on: just keeping the ship afloat will be enough to keep me out of mischief.  

Oh here comes the rain lucky us!!!!  Have a nice day and enjoy anything special you have organised for lunch it must be more imaginative than my shepherds pie!!!!!

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