Wednesday Morning

As you can see the paster is drying and hopefully today will see the fire actually installed.  Yesterday didn't start off too well as when I went to have my shower [upstairs] the water refused to get more than tepid so I ended up having a cool if not cold shower.  Then I noticed that the shampoo was in the downstairs shower so all I had to hand was a bottle of dog shampoo.  So needs must and all that I now have a nice shiny coat and wet nose!!!!  The hairdresser was quite impressed with the condition of my hair and killed himself laughing when I owned up to the dog shampoo incident.  Anyway hair all chopped off so much easier to handle than the curtains of wilted lettuce.  Once the plumber arrived I had a moan about the water temperature and we discovered that the boiler was out so he quickly reignited it and now we have both hot water and a bit of heating.  Given that the outside temperature is down to 3ÂșC a bit of warmth is most welcome.  Denny was happy to leave the dining room and just got on with the rest of the house.  As an ex-carer she is really good with Mike and got his room all sorted out for him.  I had changed his sheets the day before but he managed to spill a whole glass of water in his bed so she stripped it off and remade it with yet more clean sheets.  She was also very impressed with the new laundry system where by you just open the window in the shower room and throw everything out of it.  It actually lands in the sink the other side all ready to go into the machine for washing.  

Yesterday was miserable and cold with nasty rain from time to time so we were very happy to stay indoors once the heating was back on.  The meatballs and rice made a reasonable lunch and we had a Chinese take away for supper.  Mike didn't do too well with his portion so the dogs are going to have a rice and noodle breakfast.  

Shiona is coming over today as her dogs are going yet again to the groomers and no doubt she will want a trip to Aldi to restock on chocolate and parma ham both of which are ridiculously cheap there. 
As for lunch I think a bit of corned beef hash is in order as that is a nice, quick and easy one pot wonder.  I have a pile of ready boiled potatoes so all that is needed are few sliced onions and the corned beef.  I am hoping to get to grips with some of the cleaning in the dining room which is feet thick in dust but if it doesn't get done too bad I have the rest of my life to do it in.

Hopefully tomorrow you will get a photo of the finished fire in situ but the wall will have to wait for the plaster to completely dry out before we can get a coat of paint on it.  

Have a good day all and keep warm it is really cold out there!!!!
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