Wednesday morning

Good morning all it is a bit early again this morning but I am a bit harassed with all the building work going on.  My kitchen is filled with cement dust and will need a complete clean from top to bottom however that can wait until the shower is fully fitted which should be today some time.  The worst of the mess is over and my washing machine and tumble dryer are now safely installed in the shed which will be my new laundry room.  We will have a couple of days respite until they start on the fire in the dining room which should be on Monday next week.  Today I have to go and organise delivery of the actual fire and hope it arrives in time.  I also need to go to the bank and get money to pay the men who would be happy to be paid in cash.

After our pasty lunch yesterday none of us felt much like supper so the bolognese has been deferred until lunch today.  My visit to the doctor yesterday was uneventful as apart from being rather tired I am in good health.  Mike is gradually getting used to his confinement and is shuffling around with his zimmer frame which is much safer than his walking stick.  

Today being Wednesday is bin day and I have masses of rubbish to put out.  I also need to get some bread underway so time to get started.  Have a good day all........
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