Wednesday morning

Yesterday was dim, dark, dismal and dull with a cold wind blowing.  There was a fine mist of rain from time to time.  We headed out bright and early to pick up the coffee and while I was there I picked up a couple of very large onions which meant that I only had to peel two to make my curry sauce.  An assortment of spices, lots of garlic and ginger, two tins of tomatoes and two tins of coconut milk a large bunch of coriander and the sauce was done.  I now have 4 bags of curry sauce for the freezer.  The sauce is mild and can be further jazzed up when you use it but the basics are done.  I also put a kilo of mince into the slow cooker along with the other ingredients for a bolognese sauce.  It still requires further cooking so the slow cooker is on now and one portion will be for our lunch the remainder will be frozen for later use.  

The house is clean and the laundry is up to date so I have clear decks to start moving stuff around and out to the garage and shed.  However first, I do need to give the cupboards a good clean out not point in putting clean things in a dirty cupboard.  However first and foremost I need to get the stuff out for the bin men who will be here very soon so I will cut this short and get going with that.  

Ok bins done, now I can relax about that however the bin men will be delighted when they see the mess in the road from people who put their bins out last night and have had their bags ripped to shreds and the rubbish strewn all down the pavement. I think it would be so much simpler if we had wheelie bins instead of rubbish sacks which are so easily destroyed by vermin.  The only waste we have bins for is the garden waste which is not at any great risk.  

The weather this morning is damp and misty and quite cold but the garden is looking very spring like with the bulbs in bloom and the camelia in full flower.  A box of gladioli corms arrived in the post yesterday so I guess I must have ordered them last year but I have no memory of it.  I do have a bed that is pretty bare so they will be planted there to give a bit of colour and it is a place that will be easy to tie them up as I know they have a great propensity to fall over.  

Well that about it for this morning as I am so late I am well behind with my list of things to do and the men are all up and shambling about so time to get this show on the road.  Have a good day all........

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