Wednesday morning

The guy from Age UK came as arranged at 10am and took some measurements not only of the stairs but also of Mike in a seated position.  Then to cut a long story short he explained that we would have to have a very particular type of stair lift which takes you up at a 45┬║ angle so he wouldn't get his knees knocked by the banisters.  It would mean moving a radiator as well so in the end the cost would be £6,500.  Well that was a bit of a shock, so a rethink was in order and we decided that it would be more cost effective to do what we have done in the past and make the front room into a bedroom and convert my laundry room into a shower room by adding just a shower as there is already a handbasin and toilet.  This would mean that Mike could stay downstairs and not need to go up the stairs again. So to that end we are expecting a plumber to come this morning to have a look at moving the washing machine to the shed and installing a shower in its place.

Shiona is back from Scotland and is coming over to lend a hand as we will be moving a single bed downstairs to the front room.  This is a job she is familiar with as she came and helped me when we did this for James.  This time it should be easier as we don't have to take a wheelchair into consideration.  All these alterations will cost less than the stair lift and will have the same result in that Mike will be on one level and not have the wretched stairs to negotiate.  It also puts him back in the hub of the family rather than banished to a bedroom which should make him feel a bit happier.  

Zoe, James friend, is also joining us so we will have plenty of hands to make the work a bit lighter and for all of us I am making a large chicken curry for lunch.  This is dead easy as I have the sauce already made so all I need to do is brown the chicken pieces and put them in the slow cooker with the sauce.  Then at lunch time all we need is big pot of boiled rice and lunch will be ready.   

Sadly it is also bin day so I have to go and collect all the rubbish from around the house and get it out for the bin men.  Thank goodness the wonderful Denny is due on Tuesday next week as the house is a bit of tip at the moment.  Once we have moved the bed downstairs I will then need to look for a suitable bed for the bedroom upstairs as we are expecting Denzil at the end of the month and will need another bed for him.  Now I know what you are thinking why don't we put the new bed in the front room and save ourselves some work.  There is method in my madness; in his current frame of mind no bed will be suitable for Mike so he is getting mine which if it is good enough for me will be good enough for him and solves the problem.  It has exactly the same mattress as he is accustomed to all that will be different is that it is single rather than kingsize.  Once we have the shower installed he will have all mod cons at his disposal as the ground floor will be like a self contained flat.  In the mean time it will have to be strip washes or a hose down in the dogs bath in the garden. LOL.  

Well I think today is going to be business personified so I had better go and make a start with the curry and get that underway and quickly get all the bins outside.  The plumber is arriving at 9am so I need to make a few changes so that he can see exactly what he will need to do.  I hope he can do the job relatively quickly and we can get on with the change.  This is a change I have often thought would be a good idea but now my hand is forced I will just have to bite the bullet and get on with it.

Anyway wish us luck today with moving all the furniture and lets hope the plumbing work is not as pricey as the stair lift!!!!!

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