Tuesday Morning

Yesterday was a day of chaos with the men removing the pine paneling which had been in situ for about 30 years.  My dining room is in a total mess but the men were happy that the panelling came down easily and didn't damage the coving or the ceiling.  Today should see the Gyprock  plasterboard applied and the fire installed and hopefully by Wednesday we should be finished.  Then all that will be needed is a coat of paint once the plaster is dry and we should be up and running.  Steve who did the painting has offered to come and put a coat of paint on the wall once it is finished as he still has some of the paint left from the rest of the house.

Poor Denny is going to have a fit when she sees the mess but the rest of the house is free for her to do her thing.  They have covered the opening to the chimney as they need to pull out the flue liner which they are going to do from the roof when they apply a new chimney pot so of course today it is raining.  
I made a batch of meat balls yesterday so lunch is all but ready and just needs a pot of rice boiled and the meatballs reheated in the tomato sauce.  Meals this week are all a bit of a hit and miss affair until the chaos settles.  I am delighted with my new shower room and now that all the mirrors and towel rails have been added it is all finished.  

I had a bit of a bad night and I am now all behind schedule so I need to get going or the hoards will descend on me and I will still be pottering around in my dressing gown.  

Have a good day all even if it is raining!!!!

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