Tuesday Morning

Yesterday as expected was absolute bedlam.  The guys arrived at 8am and started to unload all their tools and equipment which meant trying to keep the dogs under control with all the house doors open as well as the garage.  In the end James took the dogs for a run which made life a bit easier for a while.  The first thing Gary did was to sort out the back door of the garage which has not fitted all winter and now we can shut it properly.  Once they were settled, out went the washing machine and while one of them sorted out the shed, where the machine is going, the other was left to chase out the walls with an angle grinder to let in the pipework for the shower.  This created a dust storm the like of which was unbelieveable and my kitchen is now covered from top to bottom and will need a complete spring clean once they have finished.  We tried our best to minimise the amount of dust in the house with judicious use of fans but it was a bit like trying to stop a tidal wave with a teaspoon.  

I had given Mikes a hair wash in the sink in anticipation that the hairdresser would call some time and as luck would have it he had a gap in his schedule around 1pm so he stopped off and cut Mikes hair now he no longer looks like a tramp.  The electricity was off at the time so tea was made in a saucepan on the gas hob and fortunately by the time the clippers were needed the power was back on. Interestingly the torches I bought in Aldi the other day switched on immediately the power went off which is  exactly what they are supposed to do.  We motored through the curry I had made for lunch and the supper of cauliflower cheese with crispy bacon rashers went down well.  

I managed to get myself out into the garden and planted up the gladioli corms so we will have to see how they progress from here.  The tomato plants are in desperate need of repotting and hopefully that will be a job for today.  However, first I have an appointment at the doctors at 10.30 for a review of my non existent medication.  I guess their records have thrown up the fact that I have been nowhere near them for absolutely ages.  As you know I am relatively fit with nothing but the odd aches and pains and coughs and colds of normal life.  However in all honesty I am noticing that I am very tired these days and the added work of Mikes condition is just one more thing piled on an already full plate.  I don't think the doctor can do anything about that unless he would like to pay for an all expenses paid holiday to the bahamas.  Somehow I don't think this is a recognised treatment on the NHS.

Today we will be having pasties from the baker for lunch and for supper we will have a pasta bolognese neither of which require much effort on my part.  Thats about it for this morning the men are up so I had better get the show on the road....................

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