Tuesday Morning

Well I hope you enjoyed the summer, I certainly did, but it has now turned colder and cloudier so I hope it is not over just yet.  It is so nice to get the laundry dry outside in fresh air and it makes ironing so much easier as you can judge the correct level of dampness.  Sandy came over to give me a hand with clearing the garage and we filled the boot of her car and took it to the tip.  That actually worked well as there was a flight of steps to ascend to bin the rubbish but as what we had was quite heavy Sandy handed me the boxes and I stayed at the top of the steps so we didn't have to keep running up and down.  I now have an entire double cupboard and the top shelf of another completely free and ready to start receiving the stuff from the utility room.  The cupboards a pretty filthy so they will need a good clean before I start piling things into them.  I also managed to clear one cupboard in the shed where the washing machine is going to go so hopefully the plumber can get at the pipe work.  By the time that was done we were ready for lunch and fortunately the duck stew was just the job.  We then piled our car full of dogs and headed for the rugby field where they have acres of safe running and with 5 of them there was plenty of that.  Poor old Tubby tried desperately to keep pace with the labradors hoping they would be slower than Basso but no such luck.  That done and consciences clear we returned home for a well earned cup of tea.  I was very tired but didn't manage to have a sleep it seems the more tired you are and desperate to sleep the less likely you are to drop off.  Supper was a simple affair of pan fried pollock with a white wine  and lemon butter sauce and some courgettes cooked Italian style with oil parsley and garlic. That done it was off to bed quite early and hope for some sleep.

Today we are expecting Denny to come and pass her duster over us and I have to dash over to Faversham and pick up the coffee which has arrived at last.  They have put 5 x kilo bags to one side for me which should keep us going for quite a while.  Yesterday, I bought the ingredients to make a curry sauce which I would like to get underway and bagged and into the freezer so that it is ready to go when I want.  I may also make a detour to the butcher and restock with some meat.  Tomorrow we are expecting Shiona as her dog has to go to the groomers; he is a model for the exams so he is getting all this extra treatment for free!!!  I will need a lunch for 4 but as yet nothing is springing to mind.  No doubt I will get some inspiration while I am out shopping or when my veg box arrives.

Well that is the plan for the day now all I have to do is put it into action.  I have one bed left to strip and change then it will be a case of waiting for the machine to be moved.  If push comes to shove we can run a load of washing over to James flat and put it through his machine.  However I am hopeful that we have enough stuff to see us through.  It would also be a good idea to have some ready meals in the freezer as my kitchen will be invaded with workers so while not out of action, a bit limited.  I think a large bolognese sauce is in order as it is extremely flexible and makes a nice easy and quick meal.  

Lets hope all goes according to plan and that the weather continues to be nice and dry.  
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