Tuesday Morning

I am bit late this morning but that is because after getting up a 3 I decided to go back to bed and fortunately fell into a deep sleep and have only now resurfaced.  Yesterday was a bit of a nothing day just chores to complete and dogs to walk.  Then all all of a sudden the doorbell rang and the there was Sandy unannounced and bearing gifts; a lovely bunch of lilies for me and a smashing fruit cake for us to share.  Well needless to say the fruit cake has vanished but the lilies are doing fine.  James made a lovely lasagne for our supper and for lunch we had some smoked mackerel with horseradish and toast. 

Shopping got done, dogs got walked, laundry was processed and the day ticked along nicely. We were unsure if we would be able to dry the laundry outside and as luck would have it we decided against pegging it out which was just as well as we had several very sharp showers so it was the right decision.

Today we are expecting the guy to come and discuss the possibility of the stair lift which frankly I would like to have installed yesterday as it would save me a lot of running up and down the stairs. However, I'm not complaining as it is one way of staying fit!!!  But Mike would at last be able to join us downstairs and feel a little less isolated.  However, I think the experience has demonstrated to him just how much he would hate to be on his own.

The weather today looks really lovely the sun is blazing in a completely blue sky and it looks like a lovely spring day though the temperatures are low.  Sunshine no matter how cold it is make you feel better and lifts the spirits.  I put an order in to Tesco to deliver all the heavy stuff this afternoon and my veg box is due around lunchtime so we will be fully restocked.  It makes sense to me to have the heavy stuff delivered as at least all I have to do is put it away.  

I haven't given todays menu a thought yet but I have a pack of chicken legs and thighs in the freezer which will no doubt make something.  I also have a cauliflower left from my last box so that needs to be dealt with and I think I will make a cheese sauce for it and possibly put it in the freezer for a later date.  I also have a swede which will make a nice mash with some carrots if the dogs have left me any. They all have a passion for carrots and treat them as some sort of fabulous treat!!!  Dog treats can be quite expensive so I am happy that they think carrots are a treat.  

Elaine phoned me last night to check on my progress so I do feel very supported by my friends who I know would drop everything to come and help me if I called which is very comforting.  Friends are so important in times of stress so I am a very lucky person and I know it.  I hope that my friends know that I would do the same for them in a heartbeat.  

Well on that note I had better get this show on the road or we will all be in our dressing gowns when the guy arrives to discuss the stair lift.  Have a good day all and I hope you too are being treated to a day of sunshine. 

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