Thursday Morning

Well the fire is in and the plaster is almost dry and ready for a coat of paint.  Incidentally the chrome surround is only held on by magnets so you can remove it to easily to paint and you will also note that there are no knobs.  It is ignited by a remote control.  The ignition is battery powered so in the event of a power cut we can still be warm.  

Yesterday was another  fairly chaotic day.  When Shiona arrived we set off to Aldi and did a bit of shopping while we left the men to finish off the work.  The corned beef hash went down well for lunch and I also made a chocolate and orange panna cotta.  Sadly there was too much gelatine in the panna cotta but the flavour was delicious.  I will make them again but next time I will reduce the number of sheets of gelatine so they are a bit softer.  

It was a really crazy day in terms of weather with frost, sun, rain, hail and finally snow which came down in big flakes but did not settle.  This morning the temperature is down to 2┬║C so it is pretty cold.  In the end Gary and Tom did all the work that was asked plus a few added extras.  The garage door was refitted, new light bulbs put in in the kitchen, my magnetic knife rack refixed, the cable to the TV aerial tucked up out of sight, and a new step put in the laundry shed, a new mirror and towel rail fitted in the new shower room.  All little jobs that have been driving me nuts for years that are now fixed.  No job is ever too small for Gary to do.  Once all the work was done and we sat having a cup of tea while I wrote out the cheques, James and the lads sat around reminiscing about their school days.  They had all attended the same school and played as boys in the same woods.  We all felt it is such a shame that kids today don't have the same freedom to get up to mischief or spend the day out on their bikes only coming home as it got dark or if they were hungry.

Today will be a red letter day as Denzil is due back from Thailand at 7pm this evening so I guess he is in the air as I type as it is a 17 hour flight.  He will really notice the difference in temperature as it is so cold here at the moment.  I don't suppose his wardrobe runs to thick jumpers and coats.  James and I thought we might surprise him and be at Heathrow to collect him.  He is anticipating getting the train to Victoria and then on down to the Medway towns. However, this depends how Mike is. He had a real panic attack yesterday evening and we thought we might have to call an ambulance and get him carted off to the hospital.  However, I spent some time quietly chatting to him until he calmed down and started to breath more easily.  

The dining room is still feet thick in dust so that will keep me occupied today.  As you will have noticed from the photos there is plenty of clutter that will need to be dusted but at least it will not be greasy so it should come up quite easily.  The glass and china, that is on display, will just get a go in the dishwasher or get a dunk in the sink while the shelving is cleaned then it is just a case of putting it all back.

Fire on nice and warm!!!!!
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