Thursday morning

New shower in situ now we are just giving the mastic 24 hour to dry before we can give it an opening ceremony.  In the mean time I have the kitchen to clean from all the cement dust so I guess the dishwasher will be running full tilt all day as everything not in a cupboard got a good coating and as there is always a layer of grease in a kitchen it is difficult to just dust off.

I shot out first thing yesterday and bought the fire for stage two of the revamp.  Hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow and the men will be back on Monday to start tearing down the pine panelling and removing the old fire.  The dining room is full of dust but there is no point in dealing with that until the fire is done so I will limit myself to the kitchen.  The washing machine and tumble dryer are now in the shed along with a my old stainless steel sink unit so it is quite a functional laundry room.  The baby monitor allows me to hear when the machine has finished so I will not forget my washing for days on end.  Moving the tumble dryer out of the garage has freed up quite a bit of space so I will have to have a look at rearranging that to make the best use of the space.  

Shiona is coming over today and I know she will be only too happy to help me with these tasks. Finally once all this work is done I am going to organise to have the carpets professionally cleaned then I hope we will be fit to leave the house for another 5 years before we need to do any major work. 

I need a trip to B&Q today as I need a few accessorise for the show things like a towel rail, shaving mirror and a shelf to put shampoo etc on. For lunch I have organised some pork fillet which I have batted out into portions and intend to pan fry with a little cream and some prunes.  A bit of mash and some purple sprouting broccoli will finish the meal.

The weather today is supposed to be dry but we are forecast rain for tomorrow so we need to make the most of today.  Having said that the garden could use a bit of a drink as it has dried out dramatically during this dry period and I have already had to water the things in pots.  I planted up my tomatoes however they are looking pretty sad but hopefully they will recover and not damp off.  The green house is in a real state of turmoil since the hens were in there and it will need quite a bit of work to get it back to its former glory.  I must admit that with all the other goings on the garden is having to take a back seat as there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything. 

Well that is the plan for today so I am off to hang a load of washing out and hopefully get it dry.  Have a good day all.........

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