Thursday morning

Thank goodness for friends, the back of the clearing is done between Sandie and Shiona's energy I have got to grips with what needed doing.  The bolognese sauce made a decent lunch for us all and for supper James made some pot sticker dumplings, pork and coriander, yum.  I have one more load to take to the tip and then I am done.  

Yesterday the rapid response team delivered a zimmer frame for Mike so that he is more stable as he trundles around.  However, I had to phone someone else to come and collect the backrest he refuses to use.  This seems a little crazy and inefficient way to handle things.  We also got a letter through for Mike to book an appointment to see a general surgeon at one of 4 hospitals - sounds good, but then you realise that you have no information about the waiting list times or the surgical skills of any of the general surgical teams.  Having spent a lifetime  working with surgeons I know that they come in all shapes and sizes ranging from excellent to down right dangerous.  When I had a hysterectomy my GP wanted to send me to a gynaecologist with a very short waiting list until I explained to him why this was the case. The man was a misogynist and as it turned out later he had HIV.  So a short waiting list is not necessarily the best option.  Sadly being out of the system I no longer have any insider information so it is going to be a bit like sticking a pin in list and hoping for the best.  I will ring each of the hospitals and see just how much information I can gather before booking an appointment. Patient choice is all very well but you don't have the information to make an informed decision. There are surgeons whose kill rate is high because they will attempt things other would not which doesn't make them bad surgeons just braver or may be foolhardy so you are none the wiser.  Anyway in the end a herniorrhaphy is such a small operation that the consultant you see will not be doing the surgery that will be left to his juniors or a locum if they are on holiday.  You can see that my knowledge of the system is a positive disadvantage.  

I have had one success, I have organised for Mike to have a haircut at home; his usual hairdresser is going to drop off on his way home and pass his scissors over Mike so at least he will look a little less like Robinson Crusoe on a bad day.  I too must make an appointment to have my hair cut as last time I had to cancel the appointment and I too look like something from the black lagoon.  However I think this will have to be once the building work is finished.  

Sorry this is so late but I am trying to address my sleeping problems and instead of getting up at 2am I am trying to sleep again, at which I am having some success.  I am showing signs of stress and over tiredness so I need to address the problem before it becomes a real problem.  Who knows it may be a blessing in disguise.

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