Thursday morning

Yesterday was rather hell on wheels with lots of furniture moving anyway I had lots of help both Shiona and James worked like trojans.  The plumber came at 9am and we discussed the possibility of a shower in my utility room and moving my washing machine out to the shed.  Now all I can do is wait for a price and a date.  Before getting Mike down stairs I put him through the shower upstairs so he can start off clean.  By lunchtime we had done all the major work and we all sat down to a chicken curry lunch.  Zoe had brought a coffee and walnut cake for dessert so we were well fed.  When my vegetable box arrived on Tuesday it also contained a bottle of prosecco wine as a thank you present from Riverford for my 300th box of vegetables so glasses of bubbly were also on the menu.  

After lunch we took advantage of the great weather and took all 5 dogs out for a walk down by the river.  We were not the only ones with this idea it was packed with others with the same thought but we had a good time anyway it was so nice to feel the sun on your back for a change.  It feels very springlike but I am hoping this is not a false dawn and next week we will up to knees in snow.

Today I now need to rationalise my room as I am living between two room and in true sods law style everything I want is in the other room.  However one good thing was I was so knackered that I was asleep by about 8pm and though I woke at 3 I went back to sleep and slept until 7.30 unheard off!!!! so that is why I am so late putting the blog up.  

First things first I need to go to the chemist and hope that they have filled Mikes prescription for Frusemide as he has managed to run himself right out and I had to ring and ask for an emergency prescription.  They were supposed to ring me and let me know but nothing was forthcoming so I will have to try again this morning.  Mike has only one more day of antibiotics then after that we will all be holding our breath to see if this time he will not start coughing like crazy.  The sun is shining today but we have quite a covering of cloud so not quite as beautiful as yesterday.  The garden is looking very spring like with the currant bushes in full bloom and the daffodils dancing in the light breeze.  

As well as rationalising the bedroom I also need to start looking at moving loads of stuff from the utility room if it is to house a shower cubicle.  I think most of the stuff will have to go to the butlers pantry [garage] which is gradually turning into a secondary kitchen.  I will also have to clear the shed of loads of stuff so that there is room for the washing machine.  However I am going to tackle these things slowly now until I have a date for the actual work to begin so that it doesn't all have to be done at the last minute.  I am hoping it will not be too long as I did impress on the plumber that it was rather urgent.  I think Mike is happier down stairs as he can potter about and make himself a drink when he wants and has access to the hub of the family and can join us for meals at the table instead of a tray on his lap.

Sandy's flowers are looking pretty spectacular as they open to the darkest shade of purple I have ever seen.

Well thats about it for this morning and we are just gathering our thoughts and planning the day so we don't do more than is necessary and conserve what energy we have left.  The last thing we need is for the support team to go under.  Have a good day all and enjoy this lovely sunshine while it lasts.

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