Sunday morning

Well I am up bright and early this morning having had little sleep.  Mike managed to fall over on his way to the loo and fortunately James heard him and picked him up only to have injured himself in the process.  I had had this discussion with Mike yesterday as he was pottering around in his socks and I have a tiled floor in the kitchen which would be lethal if you fell.  Not only that but he had not put on any lights so it was pitch dark.  Anyway fortunately for us no real damage done apart from a gash down Mike's arm.  

Just when you think you have things sorted out another problem rears its ugly head.  Anyway the shower cubicle is being installed next Monday so just a week to wait and a week for me to clear the decks.  The total cost is coming in at less than half the cost of a stair lift and that includes doing the gas fire as well.  Once all the building work is completed I will look at having the carpets cleaned which I have been putting off for a couple of years now.

Today for lunch we are going to have some lovely veal chops with mash and probably peas.  However James has been up all night and I have been up for most of it so we could end up having Sunday lunch at 11am.  I was interested in getting a 4 in one night light from Lakeland but they are out of stock but guess who is selling them today, Aldi, so I will be making my way there first thing and hope they have them.

This hopefully will not only be a night light but also put pay to the old saying about the definition of a torch as somewhere to store dead batteries!!! It will also be a really useful thing to have in the caravan as well.  

Well that about it for this morning I am shattered, James is shattered, so I think we will all sleep well after lunch.  
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