Sunday morning

Another Sunday morning but at least it is warmer with the temperature rising.  It feels weird to get up at four and discover it is in fact five because the clocks have gone forward and we are now on British summer time.  A few of the clocks around the house are radio controlled and have changed automatically but there are plenty that have not and will need to be changed manually which is a job I hate but with both boys here I think I will be able to delegate a few clocks to each of us and so cut the job down.  The one that always gets forgotten is the clock in the car; in fact it could well still be on British summer time having failed to be changed in the autumn.

Yesterday passed quietly Denzil and I spent most of the morning together as we went to the lovely shop in Faversham - this gave me the opportunity to explain our situation and that having been to hell and back we were all a bit battle scarred.   He had no real idea just how bad things had been but now he realises that we are all a bit off balance.  He has managed to get some sleep and is now hopefully in the same time zone as the rest of us.  We had a lovely lunch of bits and bobs together with some scotch eggs which they call "black watch" as they contain a large amount of black pudding - they are truly delicious.  I really ought to try and make some for myself but the deep fat frying puts me off a bit.  I have, in the past, cooked them in the oven which works quite well so I will have to give that a go. Supper we had courtesy of Basso winter work as it was some nice pheasant breast wrapped in parma ham and served with cream and mushrooms on a bed of rice.  All the work had been done as they had been through the sous vide and were just in need of warming through in the cream and mushroom sauce.

We bought some nice cheese while out shopping as this is one thing that Denzil has missed he also bought himself an industrial size jar of piccalilli another much missed item.  Today we will be having a very traditional Sunday roast with a rolled shoulder of lamb, swede and carrot mash and some nice cabbage.  As yet I haven't decided if roast potatoes too will be necessary.  Mike has motored through the chocolate and orange panna cotta so I may have to make another batch.  This is one good way of getting huge amounts of calories into Mike for very little effort. Not the healthiest item but certainly very high in calories.  I have all the ingredients except 500mls of cream so a trip to Aldi is on the cards for this morning.

While we were out shopping James tidied up and cleaned the laundry shed so that is one less job for me to do.  It would be nice if the two boys could spend some time together so I may try sending them to walk the dogs while I do the lunch.

Well thats about it for this morning I am off to prepare the vegetables before everyone is up and wanting breakfast.  Have a great weekend and enjoy this nice warm weather!!!!

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