Sunday Morning

Yesterday was supposed to be wet but it was in fact largely dry.  We had a grand walk along the sea wall on the Hoo side of the river as we were stopping by James flat to drop off the hoover and a couple of bits and pieces.  What a difference a few dry days makes the path which a few weeks ago was a quagmire is now a dry solid path which makes walking much easier.  For lunch I had some real pork chops, by that I mean, from rare breed pigs which have been allowed to grow naturally so consequently there was close to an inch of fat below the skin.  Cooking the chops with the fat on made for very succulent and tender meat and the fat once cut off is in the bowl of chicken scraps. With the chops we had some spring greens and tiny baby potatoes.  I cooked the whole bag of spuds so that I would have plenty leftover to make a potato salad for lunch/dinner today.  I have some sirloin steaks in the freezer which will do for lunch today.  

I managed to book an appointment with the hairdresser for 1.30 on Tuesday.  So the week is filling up with things to keep me occupied.  On Monday the men come to start fitting the fire, Tuesday is Denny day and the hairdresser, Wednesday Shiona is coming over and on Thursday Denzil arrives from Thailand.  I think I am going to have my work cut out keeping this show on the road.  The temperature has dropped rather dramatically and it is a mere 4ºC at the moment.  The sun looks lovely and makes you think it is warm outside but nothing could be further from the truth.  

I still have the shed to tackle but there is no point at the moment as it is full of tools left by the builders ready for Monday but once all the work is finished I can get to grips with the rest of the mess. The big shed at the far end of the garden will need turning out sometime this summer but that can wait until I am in the mood.  My first priority is to do the new laundry shed and sort out the garage so that I can get at my kitchen overflow.

The garden is looking nice but the weeds are beginning to take hold so now is really the time to get out and sort them but I have neither the time nor the inclination at present.  There is one thing about gardening it is very forgiving and you can always catch up on things you should have done and correct the mistakes you made last year.  Mike is gaining in strength now that his chest infection is finally under control and his appetite is also improving but the blessed hernia is going to be a problem for some time to come.  He is OK all the time he is lying down but as soon as he stands up it is a different matter.  I only hope that I can persuade the consultant that repairing this hernia is a matter of urgency and leaving Mike lying down for 5 months is not in his best interest.

Well that about it for this morning I am bracing myself for a busy week ahead.

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