Sunday morning

This morning is bright and sunny with a bit of a cold breeze blowing but it looks like its going to be a nice day.  The white camelia is dropping its flowers everywhere and it looks as if it has snowed actually both plants need feeding but I am out of ericaceous food for them so that needs to be on my shopping list.  

We were thinking about having the washing machine in the shed and the fact that I will not be able to hear when it has finished or when it complains of lack of water, something it does regularly and which demands the button pressing before it continues the cycle.  In order to get round this problem I am going to buy a very cheap baby alarm which will solve the problem and will also double as a communication link for Mike when I am up stairs so £20 well spent I think.

Today Len and Margaret are coming as yesterday proved too difficult.  However, Mike has had a sleepless night and would rather they didn't come.  Im sure this is just anxiety and he will be fine and will enjoy their visit besides I have partially made a huge chicken and mushroom pie for 6 for lunch.  I roasted a whole bird then dismantled it for the pie and put the carcass in the pot for stock some of which will be used to make a thick white sauce to cover the chicken and mushrooms before adding a lid of puff pastry. [shop bought].  I intend easy vegetables like boiled potatoes and frozen peas so that I am not making too much work for myself.  

Yesterdays pork was very delicious and with the addition of the herbs to the centre of the rolled joint and slow cooking over 3 hours it was just perfect.  I put fresh sage and rosemary from the garden together with a few fennel seeds and lots of salt and pepper before re rolling the joint.  What a transformation!!!! and well worth the extra effort.  As a starter I made some leeks mimosa or at least that is what we call them - basically the leeks are boiled whole or cut in half lengthwise and when cooked they are dressed with olive oil while warm then they are given a coating of chopped egg white and the yolks which have been passed through a sieve to resemble mimosa flowers.  I made a batch of the digestive biscuits which we ate with a small spread of cream cheese and a blob of jam - not bad if I say so myself.

Now this will make you laugh I received a letter from my GP to make an appointment to review my health.  This was a golden opportunity to use the new online booking system, well what a laugh, apparently they have no appointments for the future with any doctors at any times.  I tried all the options but nothing was forthcoming.  I think they may have a "glitch in the matrix" anyway it doesn't work, what a surprise!!!!!  I will try again on Monday and see if the system is up and running or it will be the usual hours on the phone trying to get through.

"The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings".  
 Much to do to get this show on the road so I had better get started. Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine if you are blessed with it.

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