Sunday Morning

Well yesterday as the first of the month there were of pile of monthly chores to do so I set about getting them done.  Hens got cleaned out, dogs ears were treated, meters read and results sent off, bank reconciliation done.  At 8.30 my friend came to see me for a cup of coffee and to check up on me.  She likes to actually see me for herself to assure herself that I am OK.  So we had a nice chat and reassured she was happy to go home.  

Full marks must be given to Age UK who I rang at 9am - they were extremely helpful and someone is coming to see us on Tuesday morning at 10am to explain what is possible and available in the stairlift department.  As they are a charity they have no particular axe to grind so I hope to get some decent advice.

The weather was cold but dry so we managed to get the dogs out for a run.  It was slow progress as we were not alone in walking dogs and everyone seemed to want to stop and chat.  The wind was very cold but as soon as you were in a patch of sun you could feel the warmth on your shoulders.  Tubby of course drew lots of admiration and as he is well behaved quite a degree of surprise.  The one thing that dog will not lack for is socialisation he must have met and greeted about 30 dogs on his walk including a Bracco Italiano puppy of about his own age.  They look a bit like blood hounds but without the pronounced excess skin.  They are HPR dogs used exactly the same as Basso.  

For lunch I did a very lovely fillet of Pollock pan fried with some mangetout and tartare sauce which went down very well with all concerned then we all tried to have a sleep given the broken night we had had the night before.  

Today I still have a few outstanding chores to do and for lunch I am going to do a piece of smoked streaky bacon which will be cooked a la Tom Kerridge; that is roast in the oven smothered in runny honey.  With it we will have some nice mashed potatoes and probably cauliflower or sprouts as those are the vegetables I have available.  

Mike stumbled into his bedroom door at 3am and woke the whole household, obviously we are sleeping with one ear open as we are not happy that he is safe on his feet.  Anyway, now that we are up we are getting stuck in to the outstanding chores and hopefully we will all get an afternoon sleep today as we are getting progressively tired.  James and I are sort of taking it in shifts so one can sleep while the other keeps an eye on Mike.  Oh for the dogs ability to just fall asleep instantly no matter where they are. 

Well that about it for today we are just living from day to day at the moment with little planned for the days ahead.  Once we have the stair lift I think things will be much easier and I will feel a lot more confident that if Mike is struck down by his hernia we can at least get him back to his bed.  

Have a good day all and lets hope it is another dry one and we may even be treated to some warm spring sunshine which makes everyone feel better.

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