Saturday morning

Yesterday was another dry day though not as sunny as the previous days it was lovely and warm reaching 12ºC by the afternoon.  I had a bit of an abortive trip to Faversham as they were out of my coffee and now they are going to give me a ring when it comes in so that I don't have to run out and check.  It is the same coffee that they are using in their cafe so they too are desperate for supplies.  In the mean time we will have to ration cups of coffee so we can eek out or meagre supplies.  That aside I did have a lovely breakfast with Sandy we had scrambled eggs on toast with tomato and iberico ham fried to ultimate crispness.  I did however purchase some "black watch", scotch eggs which are made with the most enormous eggs and coated in a pork and black pudding jacket before being breadcrumbed.  I have a passion for scotch eggs and these have to be the best commercial ones I have ever found.  They made a nice easy lunch with some rocket and borlotti bean salad and pickled onions in agrodolce as well as some porcini mushrooms under oil.  

On the way home I went to the butcher at Brogdale: Now Brogdale is known for holding the national apple collection and has acres and acres of fruit trees.  The butcher on the other hand has a lovely variety of meat from the local area.  I bought some garlic sausages [gloucester old spot] which we had with a celeriac dauphinoise for supper.  I also bought some venison [fallow] for stewing so that is in the slow cooker and will be our lunch today with some left over dauphinoise.  Tomorrow I have 3 of the most beautiful veal chops which I intend to cook with rosemary, garlic, lemon and butter and serve with lashings of mashed potatoes.  

My new bed arrived at about 2pm and is now erected with its wheels attached and I am glad that I decided not to get a new bed for Mike as I know he would hate this one which is quite firm.  Today I will get the bed made and the room cleaned so that I can shut the door on that room and forget about it for the time being.  I still haven't heard from the plumber about the shower but I am hoping today will be the day so that I know where I stand.  In the mean time I have cupboards and shelves to clear in anticipation which will keep me out of mischief.  I will also need to make room in the shed for the washing machine.  If your shed is anything like mine it is full of all sorts of stuff most of which is not necessary to life so a trip to the tip may well be in order.  It will be a really good excuse to have a nice spring clean in the shed which has accumulated loads of stuff over the years - you know stuff that might be useful one day and never is!!!!but you are loathed to throw out.  I am not a hoarder but I do hate throwing away things that could have a use.

I also finished the cover for the chair which I had been crocheting and with the use of a staple gun it doesn't look too bad well it is certainly better than the faded navy blue cover which had adorned it for years.

As each stitch in the entrelac crochet is used twice it makes a very firm and thick fabric which is ideal for this sort of thing.  I still have plenty of the wool left so I may make a matching throw for the foot of the bed.

Well that about it for today loads to do - none of it much fun but necessary so I may as well make a bit of a start.  If the weather is good we will take the dogs for a run and get a blast of fresh air ourselves which always makes you feel better.  Have a good day all and lets hope it is a glorious spring weekend.
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