Saturday morning

Well the weather is improving and the temperature is rising a little. This morning we are at 6.6ºC instead of 1ºC of a couple of days ago.  Yesterday we took things easy as we were all very tired from the hassle the previous day.  We pottered about chatting and I made a couple of loaves of bread so we are now restocked.  It was a reasonable sort of a day and though it was very misty we took the dogs for a run down by the sea side.  

For lunch we had some venison steaks which were very tasty and much to my surprise were not tough at all.  To accompany them I just did a bit of tenderstem broccoli and a few boiled potatoes.  There was enough of the mediterranean roast vegetables left to make a portion each so a nice meal in the end.  Supper was all a bit of a muddle James and I had some cheese on toast Mike had a chocolate panna cotta with orange segments and Denzil was sound asleep getting over his jet lag.  Steve came round and put the first coat of paint on the newly plastered wall and will put the finishing coat on on Monday night after which we can replace the picture and make it look more normal.  Once that is done I will have a go at tackling the dust which with many hands will be an easy job.  

Today we thought we might take a run to Faversham to our wonderful shop and stock up with some cheese as this is one thing which is not readily available in Thailand.  For lunch we thought we might have some of the pheasant breasts we have in the freezer and tomorrow I have a rolled shoulder of lamb which I am going to slow roast.  I have a couple of swedes left so they will be made into swede and carrot mash to accompany the lamb.

Today I also have a small project and that is to sort out the shed which is now my laundry room - it needs a good clean so if I drop any wet laundry it doesn't fall into brick dust or potting compost.  The shed is now divided in half with one end being for laundry and the other for gardening stuff.  The garage could also do with a bit of a sort out but that can wait for another day.

Well Denzil is now up so I will close and sit and drink coffee and catch up on the years he has been away.
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