Saturday morning

So how is the new shower you ask?  let me tell you, it is lovely, I had first go of it yesterday morning and it is much nicer than the existing shower upstairs.  It was a piece of cake to put Mike through it and though it left him exhausted even he enjoyed the experience.  Dirty clothes and towels just need posting through the window and they land in the sink next to the washing machine in the shed so that cuts down on carrying laundry round to the shed.  This weekend is the calm before the next storm of work. The gas fire arrived, as ordered, yesterday and is sitting in its box in the garage ready for the men on Monday morning.  I have gradually removed the cement dust from the kitchen and almost everything had to be washed in hot soapy water to remove it.  The adjacent dining room is also full of dust but there is no point in tackling that until they have finished ripping down walls etc.  What I would like to do is to remove some of the stuff from the room so that not too much gets covered but with Mike in the front room I have nowhere to put stuff.  In the end I think I will just have to bite the bullet and clean it all once the work is completed.  

Chrissie asked me for the recipe for the pork - it is hardly a recipe but here goes.  The pork fillet is first cut into about 4 then each section is cut open in 3 so that it is a flat as possible. It is important to remove any sinu from the outside as this is very tough.  I then cover it with cling film and bash it with the base of a heavy pan to flatten it even more.  I then dust it with some well seasoned flour and fry it in some butter and a little oil to stop the butter burning.  When it is nice and brown I pour over half a glass of marsala and a good splash of cream and a handful of ready to eat prunes.  Let it bubble and reduce for a few minutes and serve.  Nice and easy and very quick.  The light dusting of flour helps to thicken the sauce.

The weather forecast was for rain yesterday but after a bit of a downpour early in the morning it turned into a beautiful day very cold and windy but with brilliant sunshine.  Today is also supposed to be wet but we will have to see how it turns out.  It is pretty chilly at a mere 5ºC at the moment but the sun is not yet up to warm us up.  With all the spring flowers out the gardens look very cheery and even the grass verges are covered in daffodils so everywhere looks dressed to kill.

Next week I really must try to fit in a hair cut as I really do look terrible at the moment so that will be my first call this morning to see if I can book up an appointment.  The first job of the day will be to get the orchids into the sink and give them a big drink.  I repotted my kaffir lime leaf plant which has managed to survive the winter on the kitchen window sill and is looking quite healthy.  I have not removed any leaves as yet as it is still too small to allow that but I am looking forward to the day when I can pluck the odd leaf to add to a curry.

Have a great weekend even if it is a bit cold........

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