Saturday Morning

Yesterday was a day of chasing my tail first I rang the respiratory team for advice and was told the best bet was to ring the rapid response unit so armed with the number that is what I did only to be told that I would need to be referred by the GP - so ring the GP and then wait for him to ring back which he did at around 12md.  I explained what had happened and he agreed to refer us to them straight away. By 4pm the lady from rapid response came to see us and explained that they could only provide things like plastic urine bottles or a temporary carer to wash and dress him but first he would need to be seen by an OT [occupational therapist] and assessed which would probably be on Tuesday.  So come the end of the day I had accomplished exactly nothing.  With all this mess I cancelled my hair appointment so I look like a mad witch but hey who cares.....

Mike was in a terminal decline about having to stay upstairs and decided that he would spend the day in the dark with curtains drawn.  I had made a batch of meatballs and pasta for lunch and wracking our brains for some way to get extra calories into him James went and purchased a high calorie nutrient drink.  I poured it for Mike and gave it to him and suggested he sip it through the day.  So what did he do? he drank the whole lot immediately before lunch so guess who couldn't eat his food.  Today he has a strawberry flavoured drink but I will not let him have it until after his lunch.  For supper I made some leek and potato soup with some really good chicken stock from the freezer and a big swirl of double cream which fortunately he ate.

To day I am going to do a bit of research into stair lifts which I think would be the answer to a prayer for all of us.  Our stairs are not only very steep but have narrow treads and are therefore quite dangerous.  This would then mean that Mike would be free to come down because we could always get him back up to bed if his hernia played up again.  His condition is proving a difficult nursing challenge as he need to lie flat to keep the hernia at bay but this is really bad for his chest for which he needs to be sat up so we are rather between a rock and hard place in knowing quite how to deal with the situation.  Given that we will probably have to wait at least 6 weeks for an appointment to see the surgeons and then if they decided to go ahead and repair the hernia it may be another 3 months this could be a long haul.

For lunch today we are going to have a lovely fillet of pollock which I will flour and pan fry and serve with a homemade tartare sauce and some buttered mangetout.  The fish was delivered yesterday having been caught overnight off the coast by some anglers.  It doesn't get much fresher than that!!!! We still have leftovers from yesterday and they will do for supper tonight.

Today if they are open I am going to make an appointment to see the people at AGE UK which is what age concern is now called and hope that they may be able to give me some advice on the best bet with stair lifts.  You can buy brand new or reconditioned or rent but looking at the rental cost one year would see you pay the as for buying a reconditioned one so at the moment that seems like the best bet. I too am not getting any younger so it may come in handy for me too.

Well thats the plan for the day and in between I have a few chores to do the orchids need a soak and the hens need cleaning out so I am glad that at present it is dry.  Have a good weekend all and thank you for your supportive comments of late I seem to have hurtled from one disaster to the next with little time in between to regroup and gather my thoughts so this is an excellent sounding board......
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