Monday morning

What a lovely sunny day it was yesterday we had a lovely walk with the dogs and then home for a roast lamb lunch which went down well.  The shoulder had had three hours in the oven so it was well cooked and falling to pieces.

I was feeling rather feek and weeble and under the weather and am now getting a nice cold sore on my lip which is always a sign of being run down.  So today I am going to take particular care of myself and delegate the work to the boys.  We have decided to have a macaroni cheese for lunch so that is really easy as the thermomix will make the cheese sauce and that just leaves the macaroni to boil which is the most basic of tasks.  We have a nice piece of montgomery cheddar which should do the trick.

I am up very late this morning so I will cut this short as the whole family is up and about.  Have a good day and lets hope we have another sunny one.
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