Monday Morning

Just when you think it is safe to breathe another disaster befalls you.  Yesterday the FOX kill all the hens.  Did he eat them? NO just killed them and left them lying dead on the ground.  So one of the first jobs was to dispose of the corpses.  What a start to the day!!!! Fortunately the rest of the day progressed a bit better but I was quite upset and will now have to make a decision as to whether to replace the hens and if so when.  Having nursed them through the winter and all the wet weather now is really not the time to lose them.  I put a load of washing on the line just in time for a massive hail storm so it is still on the line but the sky is clear and it may finally dry off today.  Lunch was a brighter moment as I had made a big potato salad to have with our sirloin steaks.  The steaks were from Aldi and were very tender and tasty and I had made a salad with some boiled courgettes to which I added some chopped wild garlic from the garden and a good splash of olive oil.

Today we are about to start on the major work in the dining room and the builders will be here in a couple of hours so I need to get my act together and make a few preparations.  If the weather holds I will have to go and sort out the chicken run and tidy up the mess.  Then at least if I do decide to get more hens the area will be ready to receive them.   However, with the current work load it might be sensible to leave it for a while before restocking. 

Today I will get a bolognese sauce out of the freezer for lunch as that is nice and easy and quick to prepare as all I need to do is boil a bit of pasta make a salad and grate some cheese.  I am not sure how long it is going to take for the work to be completed so we are sort of indoor camping while the house is in disarray.   I can see that maybe a take away might be in order this evening.  

Anyway enough rabbiting on hope you had a better weekend than I did which would not be difficult.

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