Monday morning

Not the best photo but considering it was taken with the iPad it's not too bad but sadly it doesn't do justice to the beautiful full moon that rose over the trees last night.  Our visitors arrived at around 11am and spent some time in with Mike chatting while I made preparations in the kitchen.  It was a very simple lunch of just a chicken and mushroom pie with peas and boiled potatoes.  I know that Len is very fond of both vegetables so it seem a good idea and also quite lazy.  I am getting pretty tired these days so taking the odd short cut is fine with me.  We have left over potatoes and peas which are going to make a vegetable curry for our lunch today.  The curry sauce is out of the freezer so it just needs mixing with the vegetables and reheating. If I cook rather too much rice we can then have an egg fried rice dish some other time.  I have a few jobs to get on with in the garden this morning which will keep me out of the kitchen and out from under the plumbers feet.  As yet I am not sure what the order of play is and which bits of the job they are going to tackle first.  When they arrive that will be my first job, to sort out what is happening when, so that I can fit life around it.  I also need to discuss money as I am sure they will prefer the money in cash which will mean a trip to the bank. 

The laundry is all up to date so the washing machine can sit idle for a few days and hopefully I have made sufficient provision for meals that are quick and easy to prepare.  Last night for supper Mike ate the last of the pie and James and I had some pasta dressed with the meat juices of the pork joint and a good grating of parmesan.  Pastasciutta is what this dish has always been called in our family.  It sounds ridiculously simple but it much better than the sum of the parts.  If you don't have any meat juices just a large knob of butter and parmesan make an equally good meal.  

Anyway time to cut this short Mike is up and wandering around looking for his breakfast so I had better get on with that.

Have a good day all and wish me luck with all the work that is about to happen.
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