Monday morning

Yesterday was gloriously sunny and warm but we were struggling with tiredness so it was a case of dragging ourselves through the day or at least until after lunch when we could crash out for a snooze. As my washing machine  needs moving, so that we can install a shower in its place, I am trying to get ahead with the laundry so I can manage without it for a few days.  To that end most of the washing was done and dried on the line in the fresh air. I even hung a load of sheets out over night hoping today will be just as nice and they will dry quickly once the sun comes up. I was at Aldi when they opened and got the night lights which are really very good.  I have placed one under the stairs alongside the fuze box as they come on immediately the power supply is cut.  The other I have placed at floor level so Mike can see his way to the loo as they are also motion sensitive. 

I also made up a kilo of flour into two nice loaves so we have plenty of bread at hand.  The veal chops were truly delicious and together with the mash and some broccoli made an adequate meal.  It is such a pity that veal is so difficult to come by especially as so many calves are killed for milk production and end up in pet food.

Today I intend to make a start on the garage and start to clear space for the stuff from the utility room sadly there are tons of outdated tools for car maintenance, which is no longer a feasible option, so they are destined for the tip.  They are not worth selling as they are all very old and probably Whitworth rather than metric sizes.  Besides I need to get rid of them quickly so the tip is the answer.  I also need to gather some of the rubbish from the shed where the washing machine is going so there is room to move it.  Once the space is cleared it will be a relatively simple job to move the stuff I want to keep to its new home and I have a full week in which to finish it.

I had forgotten that I had bought some duck legs at the butcher so they have been made into a duck stew in the slow cooker.  I put lots of vegetables as well as some potatoes in it so it is a complete meal in itself and that takes care of lunch.  Mike likes to have his main meal at midday which really messes up your plans it would be so much easier to have the main meal in the evening.  Anyway I am pleased to say he has been off his antibiotics for three days and hasn't started coughing again so maybe this 6th course has finally killed off the bugs.  In his fall he has badly scraped one arm his chest and a leg so we are dealing with getting those healed and who knows in the fulness of time he may even get an appointment to see a consultant with regard to his hernia.  In the mean time he needs to lie down for most of the day to keep it under control which of course is really bad for his chest.

Well I have a full day of chores ahead of me so I had better go and make a start but at least the lunch is done and only needs warming up.  The hens did not get cleaned out over the weekend so they too will need doing I did however manage to spray the most moth eaten hen with the anti canabolism spray so hopefully the others will leave her alone and let her feathers grow back.  I expect you all have a full week ahead of you so lets hope the good weather continues a bit longer.

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