Friday Morning

Sometimes things are just not meant to be.  At the last minute rather than pace the carpet waiting for Denzil to arrive James and I decided we would go to heathrow after all and surprise him.  Well that was a stupid idea, the traffic was horrendous with a not only the rush hour traffic but also roadworks and a broken down lorry which blocked several lanes.  Anyway to cut a long story short we arrived and parked just as the plane landed and waited to catch him as he came through the from baggage collection but we missed him so we then hot footed it back home only to find him on our doorstep. So I guess the surprise was on us!!  Needless to say we were pretty fed up having taken over two and half hours to do about 60 miles on the motorway.  Fortunately the return journey was a lot smoother and we were home in the hour or so.  We were both ravenous so we ordered a takeaway from the kebab shop which we ate as if our lives depended on it.  

By the time we had eaten it was close to midnight so we all pottered off to bed and today we can get to know each other a bit better.  It must be about 5 years since he has been home and he is not the most communicative person so there is much we don't know about how his life is progressing.  He has kept up to date with our lives via this blog but I think he was shocked at how weak and frail Mike is looking.  Good job he didn't see him a couple of weeks ago when he was really very poorly.   He is now, to use the correct medical terminology, "as well as can be expected under the circumstances".  

The one request he has made is to have a long hot soak in a bath - something he has missed living in Thailand where showers are the order of the day.  As yet I haven't planned any food so we can have a discussion on what he might fancy.  I do have a rolled shoulder of lamb in the freezer which I thought might be something he would not get easily in the orient.  Alternatively I have some venison steaks which might make a suitable lunch but I will wait and see what he fancies.  

The weather is supposed to pick up a bit over the weekend which will be nice as it has been very cold and miserable for the last few days.  While I wait for the house to waken I will get on and make a couple of loaves of bread to keep us going for a while.  I must admit I am shattered it has been a long week and I really do need to get some sleep at some time.

Anyway lets hope it is going to be a lovely weekend and we all get a bit of sun to brighten our spirits.

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