Friday morning

The end of another week but it has been a very productive one.  I got to grips with most of the cement dust in the kitchen and only have a few more bits and pieces to do to finish it off.  This morning it is my intention to celebrate by being the first to use the new shower.  By now the mastic should be completely set and I bought some bits and bobs in B&Q like a towel rail and shaving mirror which will need a few screws to fix them to the walls.  The washing machine got put through its paces in the shed and all seems well with that.  The weather was cold and blowy so excellent for drying. The shed will need a bit more work on it as it is largely a mess but it is currently filled with the workmen's tools ready for Monday.

James went out for the day and so Shiona and I took the dogs, all 5 of them, for a nice walk and a pub lunch as Mike had had his porridge late and didn't want any lunch.  None of us were very hungry so supper was just some scrambled eggs on toast.

The pork fillet I had ready for lunch yesterday will be on the menu for lunch today I seem to be one day out of sync this week.  The fire should arrive today so that can go in the garage out of the way until the men are ready to instal it.  Once all the major work is done I will have a rearrange of both the garage and the shed as at the moment things are just plonked down where they fit rather than in any sort of sensible order.  There is also still quite a lot of stuff that needs to be got rid off so more trips to the tip are in order.

Today we are forecast rain so I can get on with the ironing from yesterdays washing extravaganza.   Well that is the plan for the day nothing very exciting just more of the same but I guess thats life.
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