Friday morning

After a bit of a dodgy start yesterday turned out to be a lovely day.  I did something I haven't done in years and that was just about nothing.  I faffed around and accomplished little.  I took some eggs next door to the nice neighbours and another half dozen to my Japanese friend where I had a lovely long chat and general moan.  James made us some cheese and bacon omelettes for lunch and for supper we had some rillettes of beef that I had made from some short ends of rib which had been over cooked and were looking like dog food.  However, once I had stripped the meat off and discarded the large lumps of fat I put the meat along with some of the jellied juices into the thermomix and blasted it. This resulted in a pâté like consistency which spread very nicely on toast and along with some lovely sweet pickled onions and some porcini mushrooms with garlic preserved in olive oil made a nice supper especially when we were presented with some lovely brioche buns stuffed with red bean paste which were delivered by Taks husband as she was busy baking.  The reason for the egg delivery was  that we were up to 40 eggs and desperately needed to get rid of some.  

I must admit that I feel a little less stressed having had a day off so to speak - Mike insisted he wanted to go to our local hospital despite its terrible reputation and our very poor experiences there so he is booked to see a consultant on April 2nd then there is likely to be an 18 week wait before anything is done.  In weeks it doesn't sound too bad until you work out that it is nearly 5 months.  In that time Mike is going to get very weak from not walking and his chest will not improve lying down to keep the hernia at bay.  

It is just beginning to get light and I can see that the garden is shrouded in fog but hopefully this will burn off once the sun is fully up.  No more lounging around today I need to get a few jobs done.  The last of the rubbish needs to go to the tip and I need to get the dogs out for a walk.  I still have the gladioli to plant and the hens need to cleaned out.  We now have a combination lock to put on the shed which hopefully will keep the thieves out, not that there is much left for them to steal.  I also need to get my tomato seedlings into larger pots as they are getting very leggy.  If I can get these things done before next week then I can devote myself to the building and plumbing that is going to start on Monday.  I am hopeful that the work will not take much more than a week to accomplish and by this time next week I should be looking at the end of the job.  Then I will have to get used to doing my laundry in the shed which will be a novelty.  However with summer coming I don't foresee any real difficulties.  I think the winter may well be a bit more of a chore but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  

Joy sorry that you are without your internet connection lets hope it is quickly restored as I do miss reading your blog of a morning with my coffee.

Have a good day all and fingers crossed the weather stays dry for all of us.

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