Friday morning

It is a bit cloudier this morning but still so much better than rain.  Yesterday was a glorious day of sunshine again that's two days in a row.  In fact it was so nice I actually got a line of washing dry outside and Gravesend, which is only a few miles away, again came up with the highest temperature in the country.  I organised a bed to be delivered today and the room is now ready to receive the bed when it arrives.  James shot off to M&S and bought a duvet so we are now up to running speed again. Mike seems much happier in the bosom of the family rather than relegated to the bedroom so that is also a bonus. Lunch was a sort of belated breakfast as we had a full english with sausage bacon eggs mushrooms and tomatoes.  Then for supper we had a couple of slices of welsh rarebit made as per 
James Martin with a good slosh of beer and a big spoon of dijon mustard.  He served his over some crispy bacon which I didn't have so I used slices of parma ham; a bit extravagant but delicious none the less.

I am a bit later this morning again as it seem with total blackout I am better able to go back to sleep when I wake at stupid o'clock.  This morning I have organised to have breakfast in "Macknade fine foods" with Sandy.  It seems a good excuse as I have to go and buy coffee.  This is the only place that does kilo bags of coffee beans imported from Florence which we particularly like and are ideal for the coffee machine.  It is not cheap but we love it and treat ourselves to it.  While I am there I have been tasked with obtaining some of their scotch eggs made with a large amount of black pudding which are called "black watch",  James and I shared one on the way back from shooting and decided they were the best scotch eggs we had ever had so those and a lovely rocket salad will make a nice lunch.  For supper I want to make a dauphinoise with celeriac as that was a huge success last time and as I am passing the butcher at Brogdale I may dip in there and look for a few goodies.  

Well that is the plan for the day which is rather nice for a change so I intend to have fun.  I noticed that yesterday my dozy neighbours had some of the overhanging branches removed from the end of their garden which will make it so much easier for the burglars to climb over they even have a raised rockery to help them and having lost a complete set of car wheels from our shed not long ago I was not delighted with the alterations.  Apparently it is illegal to put razor wire along your fence!!!! pity. We have put up some security lights but I don't think they will do much good however there is little worth stealing now unless they are desperate for chicken bedding.  It is very tempting to plant an entire row of leylandii from one end to the other which would make it impossible to access our garden however it would keep next door in shade until well past midday so I guess they wouldn't be too pleased.  At present the dogs are banished from the top of the garden but perhaps I should give them free range as when Basso goes mad he can be very intimidating and I think he would scare off any intruders.  The terriers keep the rats under control and keep them out of our property they very quickly scuttle back as our garden is particularly dangerous to them, which suits me fine.  

Well thats about it for this morning its time I jumped in the shower and made myself respectable and headed off to Faversham for my lovely breakfast.  Have a good day all -  is spring really here?
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