Friday Morning

Good morning all, well it is morning but I'm not too sure there is much good about it.  Yesterday the pie eating fest went well.  The pie was very tasty but I do need to mention the hot water crust pastry.  It is made according to Paul Hollywood and has both lard and butter and plain flour and strong flour which made it a much better crust than I have ever had in the past. 

 450g/1lb plain flour
100g/3½oz strong white bread flour
75g/2½oz cold, unsalted butter, cut into roughly 1cm/½in dice
½ tsp salt
100g/3½oz lard
200ml/7fl oz  water

It behaved very well when worked with but best of all it was worth eating.  I suppose it was more like rather heavy short crust.  The creamed leeks were a great success and were quickly demolished. 

The James Martin apple pie was also fantastic I couldn't believe that the apples had stayed white in the freezer with no lemon on them and it cooked brilliantly from frozen in 20 minutes. The photo shows the second one which is as it looks straight from the freezer.  In future I will used the conventional oven and put a tray in to get hot so that the bottom cooks quickly. This has to be one of the most useful things to have in your freezer in case of sudden visitors.  The recipe is completely idiot proof and takes minutes to make.  

1 packet of all butter puff pastry ready rolled
good quality marzipan or homemade rolled into in slightly smaller disc than the pastry
1 pink lady apple cut finely
a squeeze of runny honey 

Wrap and freeze or cook and eat with a splash of cream

The disaster of the split icecream was completely unnoticeable and went very well with the sweet sticky apple and marzipan.  My guinea pigs were very happy and left nothing so these are all recipes I would do again.

Mike was due to go and have a respiratory assessment at 3pm but he was feeling very unwell so I rang to cancel the appointment.  The respiratory nurse asked to come and see him so that was arranged.  After a considerable amount of work we managed to get a sputum sample and a blind man would realise it was infected so he is back on antibiotics and steroids and confined to barracks. Oh lucky me I really could use the extra work!!!!  Poor old Mike is pretty miserable this is the third course of antibiotics but at least this time we may get the right ones once the results are back from the lab and in my humble opinion he needs a longer course to completely clear the infection once and for all.  So far I think we have been sending a boy to do a mans job!!!! and have been creating antibiotic resistant bugs.

Anyway onward and upward James and Tubby are coming today to help eat the rest of the pie. It will also give James a bit of a rest from having to take him out 6 times a day.  Once he is grown up he will be able to manage with only 3 outings, morning, lunch and bedtime which will be much more manageable.  Here he has full run of the garden so he can come and go as he pleases.

Over the weekend I will have to try and get my head around the decorating and start taking down pictures and curtains etc to give Steve a chance to get at the walls.  Thank goodness the freezer is full of stuff so I can vacate the kitchen for a couple of days and we won't starve!!! In the mean time I need to get the laundry up to date so that is not hanging around cluttering up the place so I am going to use my tumble dryer and to hell with the expense.

If you have the time please watch and listen to this bit of video of the Dutch talent show the subtitles are in french but persevere and just wait till you hear this 9 year old girl sing.  I was moved to tears!!!–%201er%20réseau%20épanouissement%2c%20bien-être%20et%20spiritualité%20du%20monde%20francophone

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