Tuesday morning

Spiders web just outside the kitchen window

Here we go the beginning of another month, September went out on a nice sunny warm day but according to the weather forecast we are living on borrowed time and wind and rain are on their way.

Yesterday saw me in the kitchen making the shepherds pie, a couple of loaves of bread and getting the last of the cherry tomatoes boiled down into pasata for the freezer.  If the sun is shining and we are making electricity then I use the induction hob where possible.  

It is very easily kept at the right temperature and also has a timer so I can organise it to switch off and I don't have to keep an eye on it.  I am sure that I have saved the £30 it cost me over the course of the summer.  I also had a bit of a blitz in the kitchen and cleaned the oven and gas hob thoroughly.  The weather was so nice that all the bedding dried easily out on the line and i am now up to date with all the laundry.  

Today being the first of the month I have a list of things to do:
  • dogs ears
  • meter readings
  • bank statements
  • knives to sharpen
  • pond pump to clean
  • camera battery to recharge
None of these jobs is particularly onerous with the exception of the pond pump which I really hate cleaning but it is a way of remembering to do them.  The bank and meters are all done on the computer so that is nice and easy.

The menu for today is chicken breast alla pizzaiola for lunch and then I can be sure to make something out of my box of vegetables when it arrives.
  • carrots 
  • leeks 
  • complimentary chillies 
  • butternut squash 
  • romanesco cauliflower 
  • cucumber 
  • portobello mushrooms 
  • vine tomatoes 
  • spinach 
Perhaps a butternut squash soup or maybe cauliflower cheese.  I have taken to making the odd cucumber into cucumber sauce to have with fish as it freezes really well.  

Recipe for cucumber sauce no quantities are given as this is largely up to how you like it:

onion/shallot finely diced
cucumber peeled, cored and chopped

First gently saute the onions in the butter until soft but not coloured.  Then add half the diced cucumber and continue to cook until also soft.  Add the cornflour slaked with the stock and cook for a further few minutes.  At this point the sauce should be quite thick I then blitz the sauce which makes it much looser and finally add the remaining diced cucumber to give a bit of texture.  Cool and freeze ready for the fish of your choice.  It goes really well with strong flavours like trout or salmon.  It is nice to make this when the cucumbers are in abundance and cheap ready for use in the winter when they are really expensive.

Well enough of this time to get on with the monthly jobs and get them out of the way.  Do you have a list of things that need to be done monthly?

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