Saturday Morning

Today is a red letter day in more ways than one.  Firstly it is Mikes 74th birthday but he is in bed with a bad chest infection.  We have decided to put off celebrations until he is much better and can enjoy himself.  It is also the first day of the pheasant shooting season at our little shoot.  The photo is courtesy of google but it sums things up very well - lots of walking.  Basso's paw is still not 100% but I think he will be fine for a days work.  Fortunately, James is here so I can leave Mike in his care while Basso and I go and get exhausted and filthy.  Then it will be a hot bath and a take-away when we get home as I will not be in the mood to cook.  There is plenty of food in the fridge which the men can raid for lunch.  I will be taking my usual packed breakfast/lunch which is a couple of rounds of egg and tomato sandwiches and a flask of hot tea.  Needless to say I am up at stupid o'clock with anticipation and excitement tinged with just a hint of terror.  I don't know why if find it so scary it is quite irrational but I'm sure I will be fine once we are underway and I have Sandi for company.

Yesterday morning saw lots of rain but the afternoon brightened up and according to the forecast today should be fine.  I just hope the ground is not too muddy as that really saps your energy when each welly weighs an extra 5 lbs with mud.  All my Saturday chores will pushed forward to tomorrow.  The hens got extra food and water last night so they will be happy for the day even if they are left in their small run.

My Carolina allspice bush arrived yesterday but it looks nothing like the picture it is just a small bunch of twigs.  It should grow into a pretty big bush and will fill a gap I have where my salix died over the winter.  

I don't know what is occurring here but I keep getting error messages so I will cut this short as it is a real pain to type.  
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