Friday morning

Half a rustic apple tart

The weather forecast for yesterday was one of deterioration as the day progressed so as soon as Shiona arrived it was out with the dogs who has a wonderful walk and a good paddling and swimming as the tide was in.  As both Shiona and I were wearing crocs it was easy to roll up our trouser legs and paddle with the dogs.  The water was easily warm enough to swim and was really very pleasant, no wonder the dogs like it so much.  From there we went home via Aldi where a few essentials were purchased, namely a bit of cream to go with the tart.  For those of you who have made the spiced apple butter this is a brilliant way of using it.  I quickly rolled out the leftover pastry and marked a border then spread the inside with apple butter before adding some sliced apples which were so sweet they required no sugar.  A quick brush over with melted butter and into the hot oven it went.  This is well worth the effort and as you can see it got demolished before I could take a photo.  

The short ribs of beef were lovely if a bit on the sweet side for me but they went really well with the steamed cabbage.  I still have half a jug of the barbecue sauce which I will save in the freezer as I think it will go very well with some pork chops.  It would make a great dish if you had a large party coming to a summer barbecue.  The three day preparation time is worth the effort as it is mostly a case of waiting not working and converts a very cheap piece of meat into a gourmet feast.

Mike had a very rocky day yesterday, with a very wet chest and nasty cough.  I am hoping to persuade him to stay upstairs today as climbing up our steep narrow staircase really leaves him very breathless.  It will be much better if I am the one running up and down the stairs.  Don't mention stair lifts he will not hear of it despite my pleas.  

I watched the program 'the wonder of dogs', last night and was delighted with all the beneficial effects dogs have on us none of which came as a surprise to me.  If you want a life long companion then you cannot do better than a dog.  In my darkest hours it has been Basso who came and put his head in my lap some how they know when you need a major hug.

I have no real plans for today except to tidy up the kitchen which looks like a bomb has hit it.  Is there a law that states "mess expands to fit the space allotted to it".  If there isn't then there should be because in my experience that is the case.  I have some mushrooms and courgettes cooked and ready to go but what with I have not yet decided.  There is half the apple tart left so that will fill a gap.  I am out of bread so that will be first on the agenda as it is mostly time that is required that is assuming I can find a square inch to work in.

Thats about it for today hope you didn't suffer too badly with the deluge of yesterday.  I successfully managed to dodge the rain.

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