Wednsday morning

Yesterday was a great day it was warm but we kept getting clouds rolling in which kept the temperature reasonable.  I had been up since 3.45 and had run around getting everything prepared so that I could spend time with Sandi when she arrived.  It was decided to take the dogs for their swim in the river first then we could settle down to lunch and a harvesting session.

The dogs had the most wonderful time we managed to pack all four of them in the back of my car and take them the five minute journey to the riverside carpark.  The tide was well in and all four of them were in the water in seconds splashing around having fun and were soon joined by other dogs who wanted to join in the crazy games.  Basso got in up to his shoulders but is still reluctant to get out of his depth but this is the one rare occasion when he barks with what I can only describe as 50% excitement and 50% fear swimming.

We piled the 4 wet and exhausted dogs into the car and got home in time for me to bash the pans in the kitchen and Sandi and James went and picked several pounds of figs and a large punnet of raspberries.  As luck would have it, my veg box arrived and I managed palm Sandi off with a bunch of beetroots as well.  As you can see from the photo I now have an abundance of tomatoes so they are featuring heavily in most meals.  

After Sandi had left I found myself somewhat poleaxed and went to crash out but couldn't sleep. James had volunteered to do the supper and at 7pm he brought me a plate of chili cheese on toast with a fried egg on top.  All the more delicious because I had not had to cook it.  

Today Mike is going to take Sandi back her mobile phone and camera both of which are sitting on my dining table.  He had intended to make a trip in that direction as our butcher is closed!!!! The butcher had a large hernia which was bound to cause trouble at some point. Well he is off sick and hopefully he has had the hernia repaired.  This means a bit of a run to get some decent meat but we would rather drive further to get good quality meat than buy the nasty supermarket stuff which is always under hung.

The weather is destined to be hot and dry so I plan to spend my time in the kitchen pottering and making a few bits and pieces to see us through the next couple of day when it is going to be even hotter but the forecast rain will be most welcome when it arrives on Friday.  First things first a batch of courgette pancakes...................

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