Wednesday morning

Cherry tomatoes anyone

Yesterday was one of a really busy morning.  First I stripped the hanging tomatoes of all their fruit and will see how much of it will ripen and how much will have to into green tomato chutney.  The window boxes which held the tomatoes have now been replaced by boxes with pansies and bulbs for the winter and spring.  Dennie arrive spot on 8am and set to on the house but first she tried on the first of the pair of socks which are earmarked for her.  I wanted to check for size and as luck would have it it was a perfect fit so now I can make headway with the matching sock.  While I was in a gardening frame of mind I took myself off to the garage and sawed a block of wood in two putting one block under each of the legs on one side of the garden table which is now at a nice angle so that the rain will run off it through the winter and hopefully not rot the wood top.  Mark then came and made some running repairs to the chicken run gate whose supporting post was on the blink.  The runner beans were consigned to the compost which was also turned into one of the empty bins. Hopefully it will be ready to spread on the beds in the early spring to ensure a good crop next year.  

While all this was going on I took the dogs for a walk and Mike took himself off for a blood test which the doctor had ordered.  Suddenly the two cars were very useful.  Basso was happy to play in the paddling pool but when his feet were wet I spotted a big lump in between his toes.  He has shown no sign of lameness but I thought it was probably an interdigital cyst.  However when I had a good look it was quite red and angry so as soon as lunch was done it was off to the vet.  Now you know what a pain he is in terms of grooming which he hates so I was not hopeful that the vet would be able to look at his paw.  However, dogs seem to understand that they are being helped and he stood stock still while the hair was clipped off and the lump was cut open with a scalpel.  The vet then poked around inside the lump with forceps.  The cause is probably a grass seed but nothing was forthcoming.  The wound has been left open for him to keep clean and I am administering a course of antibiotics.  We are destined to return on Friday to see how he is progressing in the meantime he is to live as normal.  Giving him the huge tablets is easy all I do is bury them in a piece of cheese and hey presto they are eagerly devoured.

Now I hope you are all sitting down - Scottish Provident have finally coughed up the money they owed James.  It has only taken two years, hundreds of phone calls and numerous letters, two lots of compensation for telling lies and losing his driving licence.  All in all this policy which was supposed to cover his mortgage payments in case of disaster has proved to be completely useless for the purpose intended.  It only goes to show that you don't know how good your insurance is until you claim on it and the lengths they will go to to avoid paying are legion.  Anyway, it has at least allowed him to buy a new set of tyres for his car which were desperately needed.

Today is a day of excitement for me as I am off to Shionas this morning to play apples.  The men are sorting themselves out for lunch and I am looking forward to a day off.  For dinner tonight I have some chicken breast which I intend to bat out and then fill with mozzarella cheese and wrap in parma ham which I hope will make a decent supper along with a big green salad.  I will get this all prepared now so that it will be easy to deal with when I get home.  Then I need to collect all the equipment I will need to take and get it packed into the car and ready to leave by 9 am.  I have to drive through the centre of Maidstone so I am hoping to avoid the major part of the rush hour.

Ok enough rambling on time to get this show on the road............................

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